Month: January 2013

Windows Translation

The technology behind the automated translation is being constantly developed and improved. Currently many people have something automatically translated with an automated translation. The best features of automated translations is that they are widely available and offer a quick translation. One of the latest translation tools is the translator Gadget, which is a desktop translator for Windows Vista and Windows 7, the translator Gadget is an easy to use: once you have downloaded the translator Gadget you can start to use it. First, select the language of the original text and the language to which you want to translate. Then, you only start to write or simply copy and paste the text from a document or from the Internet. The Gadget translator will translate the text automatically for you. It is easy to translate texts with the help of a machine! Automated translations can be very useful tools because automated translators usually produce translations whose quality is sufficiently well.

However, it is reasonable to stress that the quality of the text translated automatically can not reach the quality level of a translator even automated does not reach the level of a professional human translation. As mentioned above, the risk of using automated translations is the quality. Most of the time the quality of translations is good but sometimes automated translators can make mistakes when choosing between words that appear to be synonyms. How can you know that translation is wrong if you don’t know the language? Fortunately now there is a way. The translator Multilizer Gadget contains an automatic quality checker.

This will calculate and tell you so good is the translation. The calculation of quality is encoded with colors. Green means that the translation is probably good. Yellow will indicate that you must be careful. And the Red will indicate that you must get a professional human translator to revise the translation before using it in public. The key in the automated translation is knowing When you can trust that the translation is good or not. With an automated calculation of the quality you exactly do this. Use the translations fast, free and good and forget the bad translations. The translator Multilizer Gadget is free for your use. If you like the Gadget, please let know others to give positive feedback and share it!

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General Theory

Due process of law is a guarantee of the citizen, that it of the constituent a, assuring in such a way the right of action of access to the Judiciary Power, as the procedural development in accordance with norms previously established. As doctrinal concept on this I begin, I cite what it are said for Cintra in its book of the General Theory of the Process: ' ' due process of law, as constitutional principle, means the set of guarantees of constitutional order, that of a side assure to the parts the exercise of its facultieses and powers of procedural nature e, of another one, legitimize the proper jurisdictional function. One notices that most important of the principles it is of due process of law, since assuring this, one will be guaranteeing the too much principles elencados in Federal&#039 constitution; '. In short, the Constitution displays that he is assured to the individual the right of being processed in the terms of the law, having guaranteed still the contradictory, legal defense and a impartial judgment. I begin of the Isonomy This relating I begin this displayed in the article 5 Caption of the Constitution with the following definition: Art. 5 – All are equal before the law, without distinction of any nature, guaranteeing themselves it the Brazilians and to the resident foreigners in the Country the inviolability of its right to the life, the freedom, the equality, the security and the property, in the following terms: For Nelson Nery Jnior ' ' to give isonmico treatment to the parts means to differently treat equally equal and the different ones, in the measure of its desigualdades' ' He is not only in the caption of the article 5 that we can see the beginning of the isonomy, we can cite as the example, the inversion of responsibility of the test you deal in them that they exist between consumer and the supplier.

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General Park San Martin

Closely together of the main hotels of Mendoza, it is not possible to be stopped visiting the Park San Martin, a true green lung of cities and one of the most traditional strolls, since with its abundant vegetation and points of interest it attracts so much the premises as to the tourism. In this park a temperature reigns, in average, of 4 degrees inferior to the one of suffocating asphalt. It is for that reason that summer becomes the rallying point forced of the mendocinos, that are used to remaining there, enjoying green and the tranquillity, until high hours of the dawn. But for those who come of visit to Mendoza, the park offers many other attractiveness to discover to each step. The main one of them is, without doubts, the imposing Hill of the Gloria. With its 960 mts of height, reward the ascent giving to intrepid a spectacular panoramic view of the city.

The passage enters the entrance the park and the access to the hill is ranging of points in which it is worth the pain to pause. Like the Zoological mendocino, the Museum of Archaeology, precious sources of different styles and the not less beautiful lake of the park. In the point in which the way begins to wind, ascending slowly towards the top of the hill, is the popular Greek amphitheatre Frank Day Rosemary, with capacity for 23000 spectators. There the celebration of closing of the Celebration of the Grape harvest is realised every summer and it crowns a new queen. But the amphitheatre is soothes of all type of artistic and musical spectacles at diverse times of the year. Already in the top of the hill, the Monument of the Mother country to the Army of the $andes receives the visitors. Its imponencia surprises: one is an impressive mass of 14 tons of bronze, builds of the Uruguayan sculptor Juan Manuel Ferrari. The stones that conform the tower truncate, bases of the monument, were brought of the sanmartiniana locality of Uspallata.

The frisos of bronze that surround the tower, as well as the central sculptural set that the crown, recreates scenes of the liberating campaign and pays tribute to the thousands of men and women who made the deed possible. Each image keeps, in addition, a rich symbolic meaning, that the visitors they can play to discover. Perhaps and while one struggles if the patricias mendocinas had or nonbad face when giving his jewels, what better than to undertake the reduction to continue enjoying this true jewel of the tourism in capital Mendoza.

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