Month: July 2014

End Construction

And so construction began. I will not describe to you the horror that I had to go through. Almost half the hotel courtyard was polluted with debris and piles of earth. Everywhere wandering workers, and on day vacation had to forget because of the constant noise of construction equipment. You understand that all my guests had departed, and those six months I worked at a loss. "But nothing! Soon, a pool, and to our hotel a long line up turn. After all, these beautiful bowls no one else in our region! "Meanwhile, the cost of my growing up.

The amount designated in the preliminary cost estimates have been long exhausted, and the end of construction still loomed in the distance. I knew that building – it unpredictable, but the extent of its unpredictability, I would not even know Where the previously required one bag of cement, to spend not less than three. Then the installer had left, and the foreman asked me to hire another more experienced and therefore more expensive. The architect that made a mistake in calculation, and said that you can leave everything as is, but better, of course, buy more reinforcement and to strengthen the walls of cups In general, I will not bore you with a long sad details of construction. I can only say that to finish the work I had to get into debt and tighten their belt. But I warmed one thought: "Soon, very soon swimming pools will be ready – and all change! "And it really has changed.

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Luxury People

What I had pra to spend I already I spent in the elections. But this, knows what it is? It is greed. This people want to live the cost of the government. She wants favour document, wants stock market pra this, stock market pra that. Everything now is stock market. Greedy Povozinho. this is another capital sin. PRIEST: – Laziness envies greed.

The mayor does not find that it is sin of more, not? MAYOR: – Of more? He finds you? Therefore Mr. does not see the Anger that this people bring in the heart. This chronic anger of the next one. It sees the news police. Fight, machete blow, a life of violence. still has the Luxury. PRIEST: – Luxury? MAYOR: – Yes, my expensive priest, as Mr. who is priest does not see these things.

This people live in the promiscuity. All in one sleep exactly cmodo. They make sex for the cantos, under of the house, in the private one, everything how much it is place. PRIEST: – But, if they do not have not even where to sleep. To say she only lacks you that they also practise the sin of the Gula. MAYOR: – Therefore I say to it. It sees as those sparing foods devoraram. It was little, but they had eaten without terms, composure, gratefulness the God. This he is gula, priest. This people are the most perverse classroom of pecadores. Therefore she is that they are poor. PRIEST: – Perhaps they save themselves therefore. MAYOR: – Which! Priest, Mr. you being maluco. I go for me, I know this people. looks at almost that I was pro seminary pra to be priest. I have I clink pra these things. (They go leaving both for the contrary side of which they had entered) PRIEST: – To speak in I clink (money makes the gesture with the fingers indicating), mayor, we need to see a skill to remodel the house parochial, that makes necessary time to be arranged.

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Weight Loss

If you think that your problem of overweight will be resolved exclusively by controlling only the foods you swallow, breaded you are. Diets alone do not serve much, how you yourself may already have or you’ll be checking right?; except to end up taking more weight that even at the beginning due to the more than likely effect rebound. By how to lose weight eating: lose weight eating is based on solid scientific principles of psychology, pedagogy, medicine, nutrition and holistic health; only if you are agreeing on a programme of lower weight with a multidisciplinary vision of the overweight, it is when really will have real chances of success in the short medium long term. 1 Lose weight without diet involves adelgazargradualmente, a healthy and lasting, to avoid the damn rebound effect; It is a process of learning fun and easy to carry; without starving, without weighing food, without calculating calorie/nutrients, without banning any food 2. Thanks to a diet and healthier lifestyle habits (diet, exercise, sleep, relaxation, attitudes, beliefs), rebajaras not only weight, but it will also help you to improve your relationships with others and reduce even your level of stress, anxiety and/or depression 3. It focuses on your person as a whole; It starts by head, not by the stomach. You will help you to do the right thing more often without relying on hardship or sacrifice, new abriendote horizons of experience and since learning that is not centered on the substances, so no generates an obsession for food to reduce weight or leads to develop an unhealthy attitude towards food or exercise to lose weight 4. It is equivalent to take your future in your hands and not follow prisoner of the past; stop feel skeptical; You ensancharas your life rather than narrow-based restrictions is prohibited to banned, because you you rely on what you can do instead of what you can not do.

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