Month: October 2014

The Gazebo

The most unnecessary – break your neck on the rocks: The bottom may vary due to the storm, he brings new boulders, which yesterday was not. I usually kindly miss somebody forward – albeit a strong head will evaluate the bottom for today. Mining impact on slender girlish legs Sochi – a city mountain, which has a positive effect on the shapely legs. In urban areas it is civilized, paved mountain. And far from downtown, especially with the mountains Ahun (a tour), with her tower the Caucasus mountains visible in all its glory. Those that are closer – green, hairy, overgrown forest, long white with snow. Sochi around water a lot, and not only at sea, however, is not suitable for swimming all.

River flows through the center of Sochi, in the summer it is hot, it begins to dry up. But in the mountains, it is powerful and full-flowing. Not far from the city – Agursky waterfalls. Best of all – the latest incident in a natural swimming pool. The secret of looking at it is known for the rare tourist, but so be it, tell: swims behind the curtain of water and find yourself in the gazebo, where a wall of rocks, and the roof of the water. Love is a lake, canyon black snakes waterfalls cascade of waterfalls on the river veselenky Snake.

Lead tours there, so that everywhere You can visit it. And in the mountains still lies an unusual lake Rizza. Our grandmothers in a light crepe de chine and grandparents in a white canvas like getting up at attention before severe photographer with tripod, the memory of the lake remained not Ritz only in black and white group photographs: a legacy of memories passed grandchildren along with heavy family photo albums and stories about the beautiful youth.

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Technology Transfer

Translation theory, which studies the features of the process of translating texts of various types, there are several types of translation. Such as: accurate translation, historical, transformation, interpretation, fragmented and art, equivalent and reference, combined and simultaneous, pragmatically adequate and so on. Dwell only on some of them. Under the authorized transfer of know-tested by the author translated the original text. Adapted translation – a type of transcoding, which in the translation process by simplifying the structure and content of the original in order to make the translation available to people who do not have the knowledge, required to fully understand the message. Adequate (correct) translation – provides the highest level of equivalence. Does not allow violations of compliance by genre and style requirements texts, considers compliance with the conventional rate of translation.

The literal translation – plays communicative irrelevant elements of the original. As a result, violated the rules and there are distortions of the content original. Free (free) translation – reproduces the main information source, with possible deviations, distortions, omissions and stuff. Translated into modern language of historical texts written in the language previous era, called diachronic. Translation from natural language for artificial – intersemioticheskim. Also produce an interpretation (as opposed to the translation, carried out on pre-defined rules transition from the means of expression belonging to one linguistic system, the means of expression belonging to another linguistic system) as a kind of translation, based on the address to the extra-linguistic activities. And, of course, semantic and stylistic adequate translation – semantically complete, accurate and stylistically equivalent translation, the corresponding functional-stylistic norms of the target language. The translation process can be decomposed into several stages.

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Cheap Hotels

The current situation of crisis we are experiencing provokes that thousands of people who used to enjoy each year a well deserved holiday arise stay home out of fear to make one disbursement of the advisable. However, the economy does not have to be an obstacle in certain occasions, since currently it is enough to take a look to the Internet or to the travel agencies to find tourist packages with cheap hotels which largely solve this problem. Tourism packages of cheap flights and cheap hotels if you want to minimize your expenses as much as possible without giving up a nice vacation, requested agencies tourist packages combine cheap flights with cheap hotels, you won’t need to give up the most basic, simply delete the unnecessary luxuries to enjoy a very pleasant vacation at a price that Yes you can afford. Cheap flights have the same guarantees as the most expensive companies, by which you will not mean no problem choosing one of them; of the same mode, if you need to save money you will not mean no problem lowered a star in the hotel category, since there are cheap hotels with virtually the same qualities than others of higher price. Cheap flights and cheap hotels out of season if you have a more or less wide margin in terms of the date of your holiday, we recommend to avoid times of greater tourist agglomeration. It is not necessary that trips to the beach in an era in which it is snowing, but if, for example, the first week of June rather than the last week of July you choose, you will have the same flight and the hotel itself (therefore the same conditions) at a reduced price.

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