According to Cesar Benjamin, a popular project Brazil is essential to leave it the enormous crisis that reaches Latin America. For it, even so the situation lived for the country is immensely serious, equally gigantic is its potential of overcoming. The scientist politician considers crucial to revert the current scene, consequncia of the neoliberal experiment, to get rid of the dependence of international financial agents ‘ ‘ without no commitment with ours futuro’ ‘. ‘ ‘ The Brazilian people can excuse to the external capital speculative vagabond who does not serve to plant a lettuce foot, but fascinates our elites. To deliver the national command to the people, she is necessary to modify the structure of being able, transferring to the society the resources and institutions today subordinated the small groups and its interesses.’ ‘ Acclaimed for diverse times in elapsing of its intervention, Benjamin considered the democratization of the medias, the culture and the wealth – with the national State assuming the control it financial system -, as well as of the property of the land, to become it source of job and income. In accordance with it, less than 1% of the large estate owners controls 44% of the land? agricultada? in Brazil..