Month: February 2016

Executive Suite

And it is exactly these employees, the companies in the future are: lateral thinkers, visionaries, and creative. “Their self-image forbids apparently many top to release the reins out of hand, according to the motto: just what the master itself done, is probably advised.” Such masters ‘ can bad on other perspectives engage. You will only reluctantly accept also the proposals of others as the better solution. And in truth? In truth, her ego has particular concern for recognition and power loss. Or fear of showing weakness. So is kicking dependent – rather than involved, and delegated.

Because makers want to make. Only: The word of power ‘ of the heads can be valuable initiatives and much-needed creativity just sand. To yet today To secure customer loyalty, every idea that can contribute to this goal, urgently needed. Anyone with entrepreneurial acting employee, must bring them to entrepreneurial thinking and acting. Only in places where employees are intensely involved and involved financially in the success in the strategy work, they will do anything, so her baby’ is growing. Stick or carrot? Fear is the biggest killer of success.

Lust thrive on excellence, dedication, willingness to take responsibility and creative power in the long term only a positive climate. In such a culture, the available energy is used constructive and not destructive. You focused on together instead of against each other. The views of the entire organization is directed outward, so on the market and the customers from companies inside threatens no harm? Developments and trends are sensitively perceived. The willingness to innovate is high. Changes are interpreted as an opportunity and not as a threat. The employees are in the wool ‘ and not in the Must be ‘. Departmental and enterprise boundaries a do with readiness at a high level occurs so that ideas, knowledge and insights can be recombined. The unfolding this creativity leads to constantly new outstanding solutions – and thus out of the copy event. Control makes slow, lazy and stupid. Confidence makes quick, smart and fit. Therefore, the control system must be shut down. No excellence provide command and control. Under pressure, no more than all the world solutions are generated. Fear a short-term increase in physical performance cause though, but never a mental. Just where is the laughter, the fear disappears. That’s why offer laughing ‘ company the best prerequisites to achieving excellence – and to the eventual achievement of loyalty leadership. On the subject, awarded with the Swiss economy Book Prize 2008 in the Executive Suite as you kundenfokussiert staff lead the book Anne M. Schuller customer proximity Orell Fussli, Zurich, 3rd Act. Edition 2011, 26.50 Euro 44.00 CHF 255 pages, ISBN: 978-3-280-05282-2 more info: the audio book on the subject of Anne M. Schuller the customer-oriented leadership the 25 most valuable best practices for successful execution in recent times Breuer & Wardin, 1 CD, 77 min., price: 19.90 euro / CHF 29.90 ISBN: 978-3939621898 to order the book and audiobook:…

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Trainee Programs

Content varies from trainee program to trainee program of companies companies exist for the trainee part strong differences in the content of a training programme. If you have read about Carrier already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The salary of a trainees also varies. That starts with less than 12,000 and can reach up to about 50,000. While the size of the company and the industry are the most important factors. Trainee main criteria for the amount of the salary as the differences of trainee programs in part are enormous, is advisable thoroughly in advance of contents, process and career opportunities to find out there are salary – company size and industry. Trainee is therefore an information portal for all interested parties; for graduates, students and recruiters alike. In particular to find out directly about current trainee programs to inform and to provide the readers first-hand facts and helpful tips on the same train.

Trainee programme””not is not protected because the term trainee program protected is to understand something else including interested graduates of colleges of many companies as well as often. A common goal of all companies is it however during the trainee program to a specialist and leadership of tomorrow to build the new employee. The trainee should be versatile and learn about the company in their organizational structure, as well as in their entirety. By planned job rotation, the graduate goes through several months various divisions. 12 to 24 months a trainee programme may take depending on the company. Cross-departmental action and thinking is then and according to the programme the trainees or the freshly baked specialists and executives expected trainee whisper introduces himself as information portal Web site aimed at students, graduates and likewise recruiters of the companies. Sets of themes, dealing directly with the trainee salary, the application process and career opportunities of a trainee jobs, as well as general topics are to be found on Differences and similarities in the programs are provided by insiders at a click. To their traineeship to bring qualified graduates, human resource managers and companies that would like to introduce your trainee program on, please write to.

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Mobile Operators

Telecommunications Act violates neutrality of technology Berlin/Bonn – the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology (BMWi) has presented the draft of law on the amendment of the Telecommunications Act (TKG). It is now located in the departmental vote. It is planned to include a redesign of the 0180 phone numbers to improve consumer protection. The plans are recorded in the economy critically. While we welcome the proposal by Federal Minister Michael Glos to introduce free queues at the 0180 service numbers. Other phone number streets as of 0900 we employ successfully which already for a long time. Unfortunately, the proposed revision of the Telecommunications Act is limited to the fixed network. Queues remain subject to a charge for calls made from mobile networks.

This is an intolerable situation for the consumer. Because the mobile tariffs are higher compared to the fixed multiples”, criticized Renatus Zilles, Chairman of the Board of the Bonn value-added services provider NEXT ID. Why there should be two different prices for the same substantive performance, is incomprehensible, especially as EU Commissioner Viviane Reding called for a further alignment of the mobile radio costs to the fixed network costs due to the reduction of termination fees. Also, the Ministry of Economic Affairs takes into account the fact that more and more citizens to give up their landline in favor of the mobile phone. It seems inevitable”the way for most consumers to the higher end customer tariff for calls to service numbers from the mobile network, warns Zilles. Also the limitation of only a number of Alley was incomprehensible.

Non-transparent compared to the fixed retail prices of mobile network operators can be found as well as with other numbers, such as the 0137-phone number commonly used in the media or the 0900 alley used also in the customer service. Here the same service consumer pays up to 50 percent and more from the mobile from a landline”know Jude. In the annual report 2007 of the Federal Network Agency This is confirmed by. So, the volume of complaints predominantly refers to value-added service numbers 0900, 0137, premium SMS and data services. If the legislature wanted to do something for the consumer, then he should according to by Jude follow the principle of technological neutrality of the Telecommunications Act and finally treat fixed as well as mobile equally: we ask therefore the timely introduction of the model practiced in Austria with determining uniform retail tariff of landline and mobile with adequate distributions for market partners. The successful shows in our neighbouring country, that all market participants can benefit from such a solution.” The claim of by Jude gets greater weight, because according to the Federal Network Agency President Matthias Kurth more and more households get completely on the mobile phone. Ten percent of all households have only a cell phone and surrender on the landline”, Kurth said at the presentation of the annual report in Bonn. Gunnar Sohn

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River Uruguay

Finally, the creation of the lake can generate a change in the micron local climate, with alteration of the temperature, humidity and of the cycle of rains. In some situations oturismo also it can be affected, therefore beyond the loss of the fauna and flora, asbarragens and its lakes, also they destroy landscapes of rare beauty. Algunsexemplos is: Itaipu that flooded the Jump of the Seven Falls; It that flooded oEstreito of the River Uruguay; Great Bar that flooded the Cnion of the Encanados.Praticamente all the hydroelectric plants finishes forever flooding lost gorgeous landscapes queso. On the other hand the reservoirs can constituirbalnerios that they serve to the aquatic playful activities fishes as it. 3 – Ambient and Social deImpactos methods of Reduction Exactly when the studies of Ambient Impact are carried through of formacorreta, pointing the true ones impacts generated for an hydroelectric plant, namaioria of the times the actions of mitigao of these impacts do not arrive compensarde fact the negative effect. Ahead of the diverse social and ambient impacts already cited, surgea great question argued untiringly for the competent ambient agencies: How to reduce its effect? First, for occasion of the installation of the seedbed, some impactospodem to be managed through plans of handling, disposal of solid residues and guiding for recycling plant.

Ainstalao of small stations of treatment of sewer helps to minimize aagresso that the effluent bathroom cause in the way. This would contribute for adiminuio of the feeling of invasion on the part of the construction company of the usinanas cities who will house its employees and will keep its seedbed of workmanships. The related impact population aodeslocamento can be said exactly that almost impossible of it is sereliminado, therefore that all the population is realocada in other areas nose obtains to reconstruct daily an identical one what already it existed. Families, commerce, churches, that before were next, have its modified routines devidos distances that after appear the construction of the barrage.

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It was cloudless, but the snow on top of the flags were told that there will not be easy to fly or simply unrealistic. Wind – as in all the mountain valleys – the night poured west, and the day was blowing to the east. We drove to the base camp, unnoticed by dialing 800 meters elevation on the GPS showed the bridge in 2800, and BC is on the 3600. BC In the "base" still asleep, there were seven am. Carefully stand camping bright yellow hinted that everything will be happy and everything will be OK. Alexander, the commandant of the camp, took us by providing us a tent and "breakfast" of us, went on business.

We went to bed, looking at the top and clicking cameras. Waking up in the heat somewhere in the 11 hours, decided to dismantle our climber, paragliding equipment. The fun began. I had two 200 and one 30-liter backpack, Andrei alone, but also 200 liter. Every resident of the "base" asked: "How do you bear it all on the mountain?".

We're tired of answering that would suffer not our entire economy. Disassembled and spread out on all the "shelves", and went to work with domes for training and acclimatization. First experience has been obtained, work with a dome for 3600 at a wind of 2-3 m / s is very difficult, because the air lacks the same and expected to fill the dome, which occurs even at 1000 meters above sea level. We need more vigorous wind or run- forward start.

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Self-esteem To Discretion

It is a common place that an important leg in which rests a successful life, is to enjoy a solid self-esteem. Self-esteem is without a doubt one of the concepts that we used more to our ill, discretion, and quite often confusing it with aspects related to the pride, the vanity or pride. Nevertheless, between that one and these, it has founded differences, that they have to do rather less with other two known concepts: autoconcepto and autoimagen. In a factory of personal knowledge, the last week, a woman of thirty and two years, commented that she did not have self-esteem because of her four brothers, she was the unique one who did not have a floor in property, nor had founded a family. Its great error was to conceive the self-esteem as product autoimagen of it, that is to say, how she creates to be perceived by the other, really: of a comparison with idealizados models that bark in their mind. If we let ourselves take by his victimismo, can fall in, the little favorable one for her, temptation to console it, and to try to comfort it, although, one more a righter intervention would take to change the order to us in which it settles down the binomial cause-effect. In this sense, he is righter to think than one does not have what wishes, because it does not enjoy a good self-esteem, to think that one does not have a good self-esteem, because it does not have what wishes. It does not have on the other of being thing that the Canadian psychotherapist, Dr. Nathaniel defines it to Branden as the confidence in our right to prevail and to be happy. Often, self-esteem and humility, for numerous people are values difficult of conciliating, since, in its heads, the ingrained belief that exists humility is simply, to have a bad opinion of the personal talents, of the own one was worth, the personal characteristics that everyone has.

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