Month: February 2022

Communications Regulation

Had the idea that divorce is just for grandmothers from MTS, who think podklyuchaetsya to mobile Internet – basically not having the opportunity connect to the stationary Internet (Ukrtelecom, leased lines, etc.). Basically these are people who do not have a landline phone, and (there is no financial ability to hold the phone from Ukrtelecom or no access to cable Ukrtelecom – as he said Zhvanetsky on the attempt to a phone: "Well, he did not kobeliruetsya"). This is mainly rural, and there on the leased lines they have not heard and do not know what it is. Conclusion: The mostly poor, not legally competent people. To put not too big a tariff plan, connect to the Internet to open a few pages, and then the person harassed in the "communion" with the MTS why he does not have the Internet. Such were my thoughts.

Realizing that no active steps I will remain without mobile internet, no mobile and no 27 hryvnia, began to act, complained: 1) The President of the Sovereign Power Committee of Ukraine s technical mastery that regulyuvannya spozhivcho poltiki 2) The Chairman of the National Commission for Communications Regulation of Ukraine, 3) CJSC "Ukrainian Mobile Communications. Sent by mail to court to protect the rights of the consumer. File a complaint with the State Inspectorate is not due time, 13.07.2010, MTS replied to my complaint (which you've already seen). The letter was registered and its receipt rasspisalsya a postman. It is understandable why this was done, an inspection of my complaints would show a response and notification I received a response. Mol everything settled, and so, the complainant received a reply, etc. MTS apologized, returned the money and hooked up the mobile Internet in accordance with the shares of MTS SUPER ENERGY. Received a reply from the Sovereign Committee of Ukraine s food technical mastery that regulyuvannya spozhivcho poltiki – in fact, legally illiterate unsubscribing "an exceptional check BAT (instead of CJSC)" MTS-Ukraine ", provided a written explanation of the complaint under which the money credited to my account 07/12/2010, since service is included at once, which confirms the fiscal receipt from 12.07.2010, the output store fiscal receipts (bank receipt)! From the National Commission for Communications Regulation of Ukraine also sent a formal reply, but more literate legally and logically.

All this unsubscribe, waiting for the imposition of fines for breach of contract to provide these services at a rate determined in accordance with paragraph 11., P. 1. Art. 23 Law Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights" and the penalty for failure to provide paid my services in the amount determined in accordance with claim 1., P. It’s believed that Eugene Gendlin sees a great future in this idea. 1. Art. 40 Law of Ukraine "On Telecommunications". Well, to hell with them! The main result – the money was returned and Internet hooked up, call the numbers 0komeek MTS JEANS possible. For those who find themselves in similar situations and to encourage the operator MTS improve the quality of services are provided free samples of complaints and a lawsuit (in Ukrainian), which were used to protect me, to obtain samples please click the link below:

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Mailing Lists

Although the site is a brief description of the service distribution, you can actually do not get what you expect. Therefore, having a few issues mailing list, you define the need for further preparation. If you do not like mailing, and you do not want her to receive more then at any time you can unsubscribe from it. Such a possibility exists, as a rule, each incoming mail you a release. You can also unsubscribe from any mailing lists and online service. If sending out a long time, but you just at her subscribed, and it interests you, the previous editions can be viewed and downloaded from the archive lists. Typically, in each newsletter and a link to the website of the author, where you can find more information on affected in the distribution issue.

Some mailing 'freeze' for a few weeks or months, while others cease to exist at all. Just keep seeing new mail. If you subscribe to the newsletter service then about the new mailing list you will be first to know from a letter that came to you via email. That the user is comfortable and practical. Below shows the most popular mailing services: Forecasts and Information Rambler-Newsletters Many Internet sites have their own mailing lists to which you can also subscribe and get them to your inbox. These lists are usually highly specialized and are consistent with subject site.

Therefore, traveling over the Internet, pay attention to this point. Search engines. The main purpose of the search engines, is precisely to find the necessary information to the user on many millions of web pages online.

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Ideological Dates

Had carefully and come to the dates that "walk" in this literature. Reliable digital dating ancient times there and it's hard to say which of them are approximate, and are separated from the real chronology to cannon. The author has striven to ensure that the maximum extent possible not to pass bogus or inflated figures dating of ancient monuments, than rich and sick almost the entire "archeological literature that tends to unreasonable antiquating produced material, and for this purpose leads range of dates for one or another era, or specific materials. Sometimes, however, the author left a clearly inflated or differing dates, assuming that the very content of the book anything from them will not leave and would motivate the reader to reflect on them in order to estimate their true antiquity. Hear other arguments on the topic with Karen Horney. The basis of the life of ancient societies lay fishing activities, speaking in different forms, which forms due to changes in climatic conditions from time to time consistently replaced, forcing people to adapt to changing conditions, then changed and used by technology and form public life. At the same fundamental achievements that have previously purchased, is not lost, and served as a base for further development.

So went the ongoing development. Changes in fishing activities have led to fix progress in the ideological field, and hence to changes in the cults. Simply put, alternated extracted food or prey items and plant collections, and were replaced by species of the most respected people of ancient animals, which they associated with these or other natural forces and the remains of which they used in their cults, that nature reproduces them in abundance, so people are not starving.

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Truism Market

From the deposit were tears. Each trader can tell many such stories. The market is not as simple as often advertised. In the market earning professionals. Insiders enjoy the truism that teach beginners, and create many false breakouts all kinds of trend lines, base of the triangle, the lines shoulders and other technical stuff, engaging the crowd in losing trades. Julian Rotter spoke with conviction.

They use the levels of accumulation of orders, to create movement in the right direction to them. To earn the markets need to become a professional. Monthly rates for this, unfortunately, is not enough. The second reason – psychology. At this point should stay in more detail. The fact that the market is a very peculiar environment is not comparable to anything in ordinary life. His movements do not obey any laws, he never repeats exactly (although similar price formation appear), every moment is unique in the market, he can go in line with the fundamental factors, and may go against them. Market – an environment with constant uncertainty.

All this can be described in one word – a paradox. Emotional pain and financial failure is characterized among traders because principles, attitudes, and inferences that we use in everyday life, often lead to the opposite effect in the market environment. They do not work. Not knowing this, people start to trade on the markets, even not knowing what it means be a trader, what skills should be developed. I am sure that no traders who were not included in the deal would be too early, before the market gave a signal at the entrance, or too late after.

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William Delbert Gann

If the first point about risk management is rather transparent, but is not so simple. In practice, a recognizable form of the familiar chart pattern has almost nothing. Famous “Head-Shoulders, all sorts of” triangles “in addition brought they arrived, already known and their opposites, apparently from them almost indistinguishable, but the foreboding opposite movement of the market. Therefore, the “Head-Shoulders” has called, for example, “Kukishev”, an annoying feature degenerate into a shape to continue the trend – Pennant. With the “rebound” spikes and also not all things are pure, they are now and then reborn in the “dead cat bounce”, which is dying on the fly (in the case of bovine model) and falls down, and not clinging to cherished goal-node. As a trader comes to practice understanding of the differences of these figures and how much sooner this understanding will come, depends the fate of the deposit. And it all as it turns out, not in the form of a graph. (As opposed to Maude Apatow).

Then everything would have been too simple. In practice, the outcome is determined ratio – the ratio of segments of motion and their duration. On strict compliance with the proportions of “mixed” is not a market theory, which has brought a dizzying success of its creator. Take the same mysterious Hannah (William Delbert Gann), who was third in the U.S. iron plane.

Actually, at that time, the U.S., there were only three. The career statistics of its transactions is that some sources have been profitable already (!) 97%. It is known that his theory was based on numerology, but the key points he kept secret and only told his disciples. In this man’s life was very much associated with magic numbers, and counted it not only market movement, but the key dates of his own life. Date of death, in particular. He died at the age of 77 years, and bequeathed to his disciples to burn the memoirs and notes. Mystery of the effective proportion of market behavior has sunk with it. But the fact that success is determined by the proportions of the trade, it remains indisputable. One attempt to bring the market chaos to the common denominator is the use of different graphic techniques based on Fibonacci numbers. However, in some cases, the method does not produce the expected results. While there is no single prescription, allowing a strike it is the sense of proper proportion, so that skill remains the lot of those long-term engaged in stock trading at a professional level. Such an approach provides an unconscious habit, and produces a moment of intuitive apprehension.

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Rhodesian Ridgeback HUNTER

Discovered that the Ridgeback is also a born caretaker, does not bark in vain, but able to easily distinguish friend from foe. He can become an irreplaceable assistant farmer, jealously guarding the cattle, and, moreover, able to serve as a shepherd dog. In the family, he gets along perfectly with children and a strong mind does not give reason to doubt its reliability. After World War II first Rhodesian Ridgeback, was brought to the U.S. soldiers, returned from South Africa. The first official Rhodesian Ridgeback Club was founded in Arizona in 1950, Bill and Sadoi O'Brien. Rhodesian ridzhbekproshel long way to becoming a rock before the first official recognition in country of origin. To read more click here: George Shapiro.

Ridgeback – GUARD Good manners he combined with a dynamic and sporty temperament, which he demonstrates on a walk. Their high quality watch that dog also combines with excellent balance with: anyone pierced without an invitation from its territory, will be delayed voice and a look that is impressive and keeps intruders from further action. Type in this South African impressive and a warning, however, is calm and restrained the dog, which has even-tempered and self-esteem. Without tiring beloved master useless barking, sensitive to the strangers, guarding his home. Their high quality watch that dog also combines with excellent balance. Ridgeback – Rhodesian Ridgeback HUNTER-wonderful friend and companion for the hunt. Chasing elk, field and upland game, rabbit, wild boar. These dogs are referred to the beagle just by their appearance! Very well go on the trail: the upper and lower instinct, but it says that they are much more universal than other breeds.

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Public Relations

The Product range is strong demand in the large electronics stores such as Conrad, Media Markt and ProMarkt so ION audio the consumer with the Web store would like to offer an additional distribution channel to facilitate the purchase. We delighted the positive response of consumers and media on our products and thus it was logical and important distribution decision acquiring our products for our customers to make it easier. equally,”said Paul Daniel Wright, Vice President of marketing and sales by ion audio. The new Web store is already in the first days of great popularity. The ion WebStore team is consistently working on a continuous optimisation in terms of the best possible customer service. Also online shopping security is becoming increasingly important for consumers. ION audio ensures this by Magento, an open-source shop software that has been in the area of e-commerce at many reputable Web stores.

The customers in the ION audio WebStore c.o.d. as well as PayPal can pay. Especially the flat-rate shipping fee of only seven euros, is customer-friendly regardless of the weight of the products. The new Web store by ION audio offers the right product for everyone and promises safe and convenient shopping from home. “More information about the ION audio webshop is available under: about ION audio under the motto of ION moves music” the U.S. lifestyle brand ION audio offers high-quality digital audio and music entertainment products. They are characterized by an excellent price-performance ratio and high ease of use. The innovative range of products ranging from equipment, with which you can digitize LPs, audio tapes, photographs, slides and videos, to products for the games area. Press contact: Ziegfeld Enterprise GmbH Agency for Public Relations + event peace Ahornallee 38 22765 Hamburg woman Duda Zeco Tel.: 0 40 / 38 68 74 64 fax: 0 40 / 38 68 74 74

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Team Turk

Also self-employed persons can get EM pension. Who is partially incapacitated for work will receive now the half-euro pension that corresponds to the previous BU pension in principle, so as to deserve is intended. Who is not employable in the labour market (however now without job protection) will continue to be the full EM pension (in the old law the incapacity for work pension) get. EM pensions are temporary until times always issued, for 3 years. If after 9 years shows that the earning capacity may be unrecoverable, perpetual EM pensions are paid. It applies the principle of rehabilitation before pension “it must be checked always first of all, whether there are not reasonable rehabilitation measures that restore the earning capacity can. Julio Franco may help you with your research. General requirement for obtaining EM pension: it must be been accumulated in the last 5 years prior to the introduction of the incapacity of 3 years compulsory contributions and prior of disability be met a waiting period of 5 years.

Accidents at work and occupational diseases this waiting time does not apply Here accident pensions of the professional associations are then usually already made, then correspondingly allocated on EM pensions. A leading source for info: Julian Rotter. Reading through all these points, can, give the impression that one is quite State sufficiently secured. This is a fallacy. Considering the average EM pension at the end of 2003, these were: 777 EURO for men and 640 EURO women. The need-oriented basic protection is already less than 640.-EURO.

It is therefore to be expected, that further declining pension level of statutory pensions in the future more and more people receive the EM pension also benefits from the demand-oriented basic protection must apply. Disability and disability in the private insurance the Team Turk insurance recommends therefore primarily all persons who are born after the 01.01.1961, to fill this gap through a private disability insurance. The life insurers are providers of private disability insurance.

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Managing Director

On the other hand the annoyed sensory overload and the desire to want to decide what you need, and you now know that it is found on the Internet. Because here you will find everything. Answer no I do not have time, buy nothing, leave me alone!”, which are alike with a confirmation, that the company offers obvious yet no alternatives. In a world where everyone in the next few years using smart phones today with over 200,000 applications waiting, also the practicality in terms of individual media use and reachability now also with the I-pad experience can be, because she have the Web mobile networked and can act freely in this world play a role of which you would expect only the players. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Maude Apatow. “Marketing is so inspiring, attractive, exciting, interactive and offers its audiences the preference: I have a choice and react to what I like!” The middle class represented himself, however, as a mouse before the snake in the expectation, what and whether what it happens in many cases outside.

The Snake, that is, the innovative competitors, the own misjudgment, sometimes the inhibition as a result of their own lack of understanding this request as decision makers to open. kg u know she bites and has accepted this fact. It offers not only education, but especially modern strategies and procedures, also without playing with mega budgets. At the same time, kg-u confirmed responsible consultant Andreas role from his own experience: with each passing day, when nothing is done, cost and displacement situations will increase for the next day. It no longer goes to the beauty of the site, it comes to market share, know-how, networking marketing and sales with the Web, to be able to edit the Web market. It is a strategic decision, not operational for the multimedia Department or even the 15 year old son of the Managing Director, the fun of the site design has. “Andreas role sets to his call on the strategic decision-makers with the recommendation that the own Web situation write a review to recognize, then to decide what role on the Web the company must participate in this market. Any assistance such as E.g. analysis of the Web situation, current market potential, as well as the use of target groups can be requested at any time from the consulting portfolio of kg-u. For those interested in a presentation available, inspired to, with what resources and actions an adequate communication and sales mix today may maintained is under interim management. interim management

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Book Prize

And viewed from the perspective of the customer? If there’s one thing that might bring this project to fail, which would then be out of your sight/out customer point of view the most critical point? What would be your greatest desire in me in this context? u0085 And what would the customers we are looking probably? Employees in the boat to get some Manager who don’t like such employee empowerment. You are too impatient and consider it unnecessary waste of time, to bring workers into the boat. They have even an answer on everything. Because they believe that, as an Executive to have everything myself. Or you mean anyway to know what the employee is saying.

You interrupt the employee, cut the word to him and finish his sentences. Or take over the staff, if this still doubts. (But come on, this is absolutely not a problem!”). Your self image forbids them to give the reins out of my hand. You can get bad at other point of view – and how-to engage. Or they can accept the suggestions of others only reluctantly as the better solutions. Or they trust their employees nothing big. And in truth? In truth, her ego has particular concern for recognition or power loss.

Or fear the show of weakness and the inner emptiness. Because makers want to make. Only: The word of power ‘ of the heads can be valuable initiatives and much-needed creativity just sand. It makes no sense to set smart people, then tell them to what they should do. We deal with intelligent people, so that they tell us what we should do”, the Apple CEO Steve Jobs has said once. The result: better decisions involving questions serve to involve actively the employees. This gives you the good feeling of being not helplessly at the mercy of the things, but rather to be with designers and thus make a valuable contribution. In this way develop responsibility and acceptance. More free people feel, open the Things are more clear about what moves them, and the more successful they can work. Such questions give the supervisors the opportunity to gain additional valuable information and to stimulate the reflection of their own. And should be too far towards the employees in the real world, this may be taken also virtually. “Effective executives are the first to listen to and the last who talk”, the recently deceased management thinker has written Peter F. Drucker to. Get several opinions whenever possible and actively invite to the opposition (what speaks from your point of view/from customer point of view, however,?”). The decisions finally taken are guaranteed on a better basis. The book on the subject, 2008 Anne M. Schuller customer proximity awarded the economics Book Prize in the Executive Suite How do you kundenfokussiert employee Orell Fussli, Zurich 2008, 26.50 euro 255 pages, ISBN: 978-3-280-05282-2 the author Anne M. Schuller is a management consultant and considered to be the leading expert for loyalty marketing. For over 20 years, she has worked in senior sales and marketing positions of various international services. The diploma in business administration and eight-time book author is one of the best keynote speakers in the German-speaking world. She works as a business trainer and teaches at several universities. You heard the excellent speakers’ to the circle. ranks among the important management thinkers. Her book customer proximity in the Executive Suite ‘ was awarded with the Swiss economy Book Prize 2008. Contact:

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