Month: April 2022

Second Gold Mine Funds

Companies thinking about capital boost to Konstanz, September 20, 2012. The Canada gold Trust Fund continue its success story. Already the first, applied end 2011 participation offer has electrified investors and was booked after only a few months with a placement volume raised in the meantime to 15 million euros. Not less enjoyable the successor in the early summer, “Canada gold trust II GmbH & co. KG” is now developing only (CGT II). Just a few weeks, the Konstanz-based underwriter of Canada could place gold trust their new fund 13 out of a total of 15 million euros investment amount. The conditions of the two funds are nearly identical, alone of the mine operator on the spot in the Cariboo region of British Columbia is another. Mary Creek gold mines Inc.

was the experienced local partner at the first offer of participation it is the Beaver pass gold mines Inc., headquartered in Vancouver at the CGT II. It has acquired the mineral rights on a 615-acre area in the Cariboo region. This region is one goldhaltigsten around the world. II invest the investors about the mining company at just 3,5-jahriger run-time of the funds directly into the exploration and production of gold in the CGT. At the CGT II Canada predicts gold trust a yearly dividend of 14 per cent. A hedging protects investors against falling gold prices, it is also a hedge against currency risks. Two significant risks are therefore ruled out.

On the other hand, investors benefit in addition to the predicted distributions by rising prices. The price of gold during the duration of an average about $1,500 per Troy ounce, additional interest at 0.25 is unique them per $ 10 above the start price per cent paid out. If the income from the exploitation of individual claims against all expectations of local experts is not enough, the Beaver pass gold mines Inc. has pledged in addition already a further area for exploration in Canada gold trust GmbH. An additional commitment on the part of the investor does not exist. The minimum contribution to the CGT II. amounts to 10,000 euros plus five per cent premium per investor. The current placement volume amounted to 15 million euro. However, management of Canada considers gold trust to take advantage of the possibility provided for in the social contract to increase the capital up to 35 million euros. According to Managing Director Peter Prasch, initially interesting investment opportunities should be examined for this purpose. For more information see and now also on YouTube user/canadagoldtrust

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Shipping Costs Eat Up Savings

United States purchases about access United States who goods in the United States buys a can save despite all extra costs compared to Germany EUR several hundred. An electric guitar fender VG Stratocaster are, for example, more than 380 euros, in a Blazer from Donna Karan at least 219 euro. But such savings are not always possible. Especially for large and expensive products consumers should calculate exactly, whether be worth spending the extra for customs, taxes, and in particular for the transport. Who in this country compares the calculated total cost of the imported item with the price Finally, experienced a surprise sometimes. Shows a sample of the online price agency contrary to popular belief, sports shoes as, for example, the well-known American brand of Nike are cheaper to have air Jordan as in the United States with a German provider. Expensive ladies and gents watches in North America although cheaper are to acquire than in this country, including import costs the buyer but a negative business. A Levis 501 18,46 is just Euro cheaper if you ordered it from an American online provider and can be delivered to Germany.

The invoice is different of course for United States travelers. The transport costs, and for goods up to 175 euros either customs or taxes are due upon entry. Therefore it is advisable to compare the prices in the Internet: universal retailers there are like and special provider like for musical instruments and accessories,, watches and for electronics. These companies which organize also dispatch to Germany, exhibit original prices and free shipping. Customs fees, taxes and costs for credit card payment, the price increased another 20 to 40 percent. Security, buyer should complete a transport insurance policy. Who wants to buy a large goods in the United States, is often disappointed by the extra costs.

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Mario Ohoven Act

The President of the Federation has called disadvantages for founders of new businesses and middle class Berlin, March 22, 2009 – as not balanced”medium-sized business (BVMW), Mario Ohoven, the criticized draft law on the amendment of the Federal Data Protection Act and subsequent improvements. Before the background of the current economic situation is unacceptable such a serious restriction of entrepreneurial communication”, according to a joint letter by BVMW and Berlin round of data protection to the members of the German Bundestag. In particular the planned introduction of a permission proviso for the commercial usage of personal data will be criticized. A such opt-in one of the most efficient means of acquiring new customers, on the straight small – and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups rely on for cost reasons, would significantly restrict, warned Ohoven. You may find that William James can contribute to your knowledge. He also pointed out that a consent subject prevented any of the known cases of abuse of data”would have.

Privacy and use of data do not contradict each other”, the middle-class President stressed. Any reputable company put emphasis already out of self-interest on the trust of our customers, as well as on the security of its business data from unauthorized access. Target an amendment to the Privacy Act must be to improve transparency and privacy, at the same time but continues to allow an effective marketing medium-sized companies. Editorial NeueNachricht Gunnar Sohn Ettighoffer road 26a 53123 Bonn Tel: 0228 6204474 mobile: 0177 620 44 74 E-Mail: URL:

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Big Bundesliga Tip Game

Excitement, fun and attractive prices are guaranteed the start of the Bundesliga is soon coming. Bayern successfully defended their title, qualified the HSV with JOL for the UefCup or must fear again relegation Cottbus? Questions about questions that are answered at the end of our pool. organizes a predictor of the extra class to the Bundesliga season for this reason for its community members. A participation is worthwhile. In addition to the excitement and fun especially attractive prizes with a total value of more than 3,000 euros waiting for the winner. The participation of the Predictor on Fussi24 is of course free of charge. The drain of the pool is very simple. Melissa Elordi wanted to know more.

The entire Bundesliga season, the first half and the second half must be typed. This means that each student will have three chances to win. Our bonus tips, such as who will master, who secures the autumn Championship, which team will score the most goals, which team conceded the most goals, “sweeten the tap throughout the season and keep the tip game until the end Open. Our valuation mode is transparent and simple (the right winning a game brings 1 point, the right goal difference 2 points and the right result 3 points). Log on football anyone under can be fussistipp.php attractive prizes, such as a laptop or a gaming PC worth 1,000 euros, an Apple iPhone mobile phone, a Nintendo Wii, participants have the chance to win sports, a Sony PSP, jerseys, a Nintendo DS, an XBOX360, an iPod nano, various betting vouchers and much more.

In addition to the Predictor, Fussi24 offers more extensive highlights. Games are all Bundesliga by the Fussi24 team of experts”analysed and 3-4 days prior to the game predicted (result of tip, percentage probability of 1 X 2 and percentage likelihood for under / over bets). In the forecast area, all predictions to the biggest European leagues are finding so that tip friends can pick up evidence of your own tips in this area. The Fussi24 Forum offers fabric”for hot discussions and records from the top poster with regular small prizes.

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Video To Go! Mobile TV Is A Reality

With ViiF button send favorite videos from YouTube and co. on the phone with ViiF button favorite videos from YouTube and co. on the phone send television UProm.TV integrated the service directly in its video platform video player. Berlin/Munich, March 27, 2008 the personal favorite videos from YouTube and co. simply free send-click on the phone and on the way this just look at the new feature of mobile video services ViiF ( allows. see video-take the online clips can be in a few seconds on the own ViiF video box to send, so that once again can be viewed it from anywhere with your mobile phone simply 22557 video call. For the forwarding of the videos you must install a software on the mobile phone nor go in the mobile Internet. It is sufficient to specify the URL of the clip and your own mobile number.

Thus, it is so easy to put together your own mobile playlist like never before. Viewing on mobile phones is completely straightforward and easy: select number to start VideoCall and under My videos\”favorite clips, commenting on, and forward them to friends. The user easily becomes the video Jockey, which – when he has desire within seconds can take his Internet videos on your mobile phone. The television channel UProm.TV integrated now even this service on the own online video platform. Under, the user in addition to the video player can send the video button to mobile\”click on and enter the appropriate mobile telephone number. If a film like the user, he sends the video to your mobile phone without changing the page himself or his friends. Just the ease of ViiF has delighted us. Without additional registration our users can watch their favorite videos now available on your mobile phone as a mobile TV producers promote their videos via mobile phone in their community, as well as a super service, we can offer you additional! \”, explains Nick Riegger, Managing Director of UProm.TV besides the own clip collection from the Internet get to ViiF members via their mobile phone access a variety of Videochannels, from sports to music to current news.

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On The Future European Champion And Discretion

At the beginning of the EM, there is a special action with the online bookmaker of PartyBets. Who makes a bet on the future European champion, will receive a voucher for a Jersey. In addition, there are many special bets on the team and the chance to get one million euros richer. Gibraltar – football which currently place a bet on the next winner of EM at the online service provider PartyBets, not only have the opportunity to reap a big profit. Tipper even a voucher redeemable for a Football Jersey. Prerequisite is to be a new customer and to put at least 55 euros until June 6 on his team’s discretion. The favourites Germany a rate offered by 5.0, while host Austria reflected at the other end of the list of quotas. On a mission of ten euros in Austria obtained a proud winning by over 1000 euro, should be their first participation equal to European champion the Elf by Josef Hickersberger.

The rate on Greece was similar to four years ago. In addition to the Jersey action PartyBets offers also many special bets on the team. Sure that Germany wins all games of the preliminary round, a quota is offered from 16.00. Should a German players to score a hat-trick, they will receive back usage 110 euros in a successful bet with ten euros. Should Germany get not a single goal of EM during even a profit of 340 euros with ten euro beckons usage. Also the question whether the year’s top scorer in the Bundesliga, top Italian striker Luca Toni, will also top scorer at the European Championship is exciting. This, PartyBets has set a quota of 11.00. And top it all off waves that Tipper, at PartyBets all 31 games of the EM correctly a top prize in the amount of one million euro predicts.

About PartyBets the company of PartyBets is one of the fastest-growing Sportsbooks on the Internet. PartyBets offers a wide range of different bets on almost all international sports as one of the biggest online Sportsbooks. The online service provider belongs to the PartyGaming group, a company that is listed on the London Stock Exchange since 2005.

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3 Steps Up To The Beach

Short break in Scharbeutz is very popular in Scharbeutz is prepared well for the budding season. The picturesque place in the Bay of Lubeck is known for its fine long sandy beach, the quaint cafes and restaurants on the promenade. Both families and active vacationers, water sports enthusiasts and nature enjoyment will find ideal conditions for a relaxing and exciting holiday in Scharbeutz. With attractive events, concerts and exhibitions in a maritime atmosphere attracts the place also several thousands of visitors to the coast and thrilled young and old. “In the less than a year ago opened the 5-star Gran Belveder” is already lively and colorful goings-on. Jason Momoa is often quoted on this topic. The predominantly hot and dry weather in recent weeks ensures a very good assignment and happy faces at the person in charge of the House. Hotel Director Moritz Schmid-Burgk looks confidently to the coming year and the peak tourist season now beginning: what could be nicer, breathtaking when in the midst of a beautiful landscape, in a luxury hotel, all around spoil to forget everyday life.” This first-class hotel is situated directly on the sea, on one of the most beautiful stretches of beach between Scharbeutz and Timmendorfer Strand. The three-storey hotel building which shines in warm earth tones, very reminiscent of the Andalusian style and brings a Mediterranean flavor to the Baltic Sea.

Currently the Gran Belveder offers”its visitors a unique offer. All last-minute bookers can save correctly. 149,00 per person, including great extra services, spend guests 3-days in the 5-star hotel on the Baltic Sea. This arrangement is bookable exclusively on the online portal!

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Saxon Switzerland: What Takes Place Here!

For families, gamers and puzzle freaks, a table, a sofa and a good game meet often winter holiday fun, then she can go, the journey into a different world. Conquer castles, follow paths through the maze, thrill track and from the mines of the players suspect the next chess moves. While playing, imagination, wit, speed, and endurance are needed. Nevertheless, enjoy lets you forget everyday, certificates or school. So young and adult game fans can indulge in pleasure well deserved holiday. For this, the Saxon Switzerland has a great offer in store. Here what’s going on is the big game action in the upcoming winter holidays from 06 to February 21, 2010. In five selected game hotels can come, gekniffelt and be kicked out.

The magic labyrinth, Carcassonne, rear Meck and 150 more games to choose from, including new releases and classics by Board, dice and strategy games. Study of annoying game guides due to! Who is better all nimble explain wants to let the local team by FamilyGames helps the. The Saxon Switzerland is considered worldwide as a hiking paradise. But also the game paradise stands well the region. Hiking and games, both can be excellently combined,\”says Klaus Brahmig of Chairman of the Tourist Board. For this, you book a best in one of our five hotels of the game.

After a rich breakfast, the real mountain world can be conquered only. Later is comfortable in cheerful round to the games and fantasy pleasure. It promises lots of fun, bad mood is blown so and the best: there is not an age limit. Everyone must expire the game fever and palpitation of the heart.\” Interested parties can already book your stay in one of the five game hotels Tourism Association Saxon Switzerland e.v.: active hotel Saxon Switzerland / Pirna. Hotel Erbgericht / cribs; Circle stone resort / Schona.

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Tiles also revalue the living room and a very low-maintenance floor covering. Tiles can be transferred to any room, they were used more for kitchen and bath thought they can be laid today in every living room. Chic and individual tiles are available also for outdoor use. Especially now in the fall is for many millions of people in this country again something in the area of home improvement companies. When the days get shorter again and people want a beautiful home it goes without saying that here some questions will confront the implementation. Learn more at this site: Algee Smith. Who has, for example, the projects in the eye to buy tiles accessories maybe with tiles to equip the kitchen, or but other areas in the House, which an exact search, where exactly interesting offers for tiles accessories to explore are advisable of course. Nowadays, the Internet is an excellent alternative that implement projects based on cheaper offers for many millions of people to be able to.

Tiles are not only a great optics, they are also very easy to care for, because wet wipe and the floor is clean again. Tip: Tiles can is also excellent laid over underfloor heating. Also extensive information on tiles accessories and other topics can be quite easy to research now over the Internet with just a few funds. So, for example, a search engine can be used in case of doubt to generate here appropriate results. You can imagine safely at this point, how easy it is to get across the Internet to comprehensive information using a search engine. Here is there than online users only, for example, by tiles accessories included and it is on the basis of the results, for example, on online shops, forums and Web sites referenced, which is also nearly the issue or deal but even explicitly. Such services are nowadays of course widely used, so usually all online users looking for starters use a search engine for a specific product. Maureen m

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Shisha water Pipe

Hookahs have gained increasing popularity over time. The success of the water pipe is certainly on the special atmosphere, which is created when smoking. However, water pipes is not a new invention. For centuries, water pipes in different cultures are firmly anchored. India is always known as the home of the hookah. There, the water pipe quickly evolved into a very popular smoking device.

Many countries followed the Indians and also provided water pipes on, for example, in Turkey or Morocco. In our latitudes, the water pipe, or shisha also was called, by the cigarette smoking long time rather an insider tip among the smokers, but in recent years has increased the demand for water pipes again significantly. Mainly in the community, the water pipe is pulled out again and again. A great advantage is also range in the area of the shisha. Any desired shisha can be purchased so easily on the Internet. Furthermore at a corresponding online shop can Shisha tobacco be ordered. Many varieties for all tastes for sale offered here to delight of the customer. In addition to a short delivery time, different payment options to choose from are of course as well as in many other online stores. This makes shopping very easy and soon you can enjoy at home the own hookah.

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