Munich, August 29, 2007 –, the portal for local news for several days of also RSS feeds offered. It published RSS feeds on municipal and county level in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. In addition to normal RSS feeds user for Netvibes and iGoogle optimized feed variants can subscribe to that very easy to add are to these personalized sites. “Through the regional distribution we offer over 9,000 different RSS feeds for all German-speaking municipalities and counties our users”, says Stefan Westermayer, Managing Director of LocalXXL. the success of feeds optimized for Netvibes reconfirmed”our assumption that local news on the Internet enjoy high attention.

The concept of differentiates itself on one essential point by other Web 2.0 projects: LocalXXL integrates with targeted local content from editorial partners. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Gen. David Goldfein. As the well-known newspapers and universities for the project could be won, the about Include your content to generate additional ranges and visitors for your own sites.