A Saturday morning around seven in the morning and sitting quietly on the terrace of my home, taking my early breakfast for a Saturday, saw what they’ll tell you. I saw something simple, very simple perhaps, but moved me and why here record for history. Since the tenth third floor of the terrace of my house, I saw a woman of fifty years, apparently, with his daughter’s fourteen or fifteen years, I think. Both wanted to take the bus to get to Taksim, the heart of Istanbul, but in vain the driver opened the doors to them and he was right because it was not a legal stop and man met the established rules and do not infringe the law. Came in a minibus that circulate around the neighborhood. Wasn’t long distance as the bus that goes to Taksim Square with its two floors and air-conditioned and cutting the distance between Taksim and my house in an hour and a half by fast road. If the women stayed there, you should wait half an hour perhaps for the following hours and from there take the bus from Taksim. The the minibus driver, insurance made sena to ladies, and drove up to feminists and the roar of your engine I ensordecio, drove a spectacular race to the woman and her daughter to stop legal, dropped the two without paying him and rose to Taksim bus in authorized whereabouts. tion.

I’ve seen everything. I liked the attitude of the driver of the minibus, the man has made an act of kindness, not only for having brought about two hundred meters to free women, but have realized that he could help. He helped and it has surely received so many blessings from the woman and her daughter and undoubtedly Allah not desmerecera your attitude and will reward you for it. It is something simple, but realize that the simple things is how the person and hence, the Muslim..