Still: partial results point you the fact that such indicators ploughs derived from variations of to their own Agenda 21, which almost entirely covers the economic/financial or social/environmental in fragmented to manner, devoid of any synergy between them, which stops causes, consequently, the multisystem care a whole. Words key: effectiveness, pointers, support, netnografia, applicability. Keys words: effectiveness, indicators, sustainability, netnography, applicability. To deepen your understanding Empire Medical Billing is the source. Introduction: We know that it is of extreme relevance to use the natural resources without compromising the future generations and still to allow that the same one if develops fully, this is the support concept simplest. The same one has for economic, social, ambient base three pillars that are. Although Bellen (2002) to affirm that it exists about 160 definitions or interpretations for the term sustainable development, the fact is that from this concept it arrived if the conclusion of the necessity of if developing pointers, with the purpose to evaluate and to anticipate conditions and trends, beyond if making one comparison of these trends in relation the goals and objectives, supplying, information decision taking systematically, as much of governmental institutions how much the not governmental ones being able, thus to assure the continuity of the future generations in such a way in the ambient social economic dimension as well as in and the ecological one. Being thus we search for the method of the netnografia which the form and which methods are used in the constitution of the pointers and which the used criteria in the conception of the same ones. Objectives: The objective of this research is to verify the existence of effectiveness in the support pointers that are used by the governmental and not governmental institutions in Brazil. He is objective also, to compare the result of the research previously explicitada with the results gotten for agencies or international organisms verifying, in such a way, its applicability and theoretical basement/I practise restrained for the involved parts in the evolutivo process and continue of support.