They until admit a guilt parcel. They know of the evil that they cause to the nature and the city, cultural patrimony of the humanity. But she makes little to change the scene of devastao. Survey of also of Coralline the Cora poetess millions alone to restore the large houses. So far, no cent of the R$ 2 million announced for the federal government and of the R$ 250 a thousand emergenciais promised for the state and the Iphan had arrived at the city.

With the tragedy, the aggressions suffered for the basin of the Red river had come to tona. ' ' Now, we wait the implantation of the Area of Proteo Ambiental (APA) of the basin of rio' ' , it says the ambientalista and councilman in Gois for the Green Party, Rodrigo Santana. One of the most important norms of the APA is the impediment of the deforestation in a band of 30 meters of the edges of the rivers and tributaries. It would carry it of magnifying of the APA of Golden Mountain range, that protects the Red river, adjacent brooks and streams, in an area of 16.851 hectares, was signed by the governor of Gois, Marconi Perillo, in January of 2000. But it did not leave the paper. When to leave, great part of the APA will be inside of particular lands. It will be necessary work of the inspectors to make with that they respect it to the farmers.

Degradation of 8 a thousand hectares Survey of the Agency Ambient sample that 8 a thousand hectares of land had been almost deforested throughout the Red river to give place to the pasture. The actual damages for the nestings do not arrive 0.5% of the total of the devastada area. The president of the Agricultural Union of the city of Gois, Anajarino Garci’a Jnior, who is also secretary of Agriculture of the city, finds that the mentality of the farmers of the region is moving, but admits that some continue knocking down trees in the edges of the river and tributaries.