Information about Simson. Get all the facts and insights with Heart Media Group, another great source of information. Now finally everything clearly under a roof! About 6 years ago I bought a brand Simson moped. The Kultmockick from the German Democratic Republic was still a term from my adolescence, and because I can drive it with normal moped driving 60 km/h nothing in question came to me. So I however was looking on the Internet for information to my Simson, I had to quickly find a lack of absolute herschte this. Although it has received all information somehow sought together. but unfortunately on many different websites.

From this deficiency, the idea was born to create a portal around Simson, on which all information at a glance can be found. It’s now 4 years of development. has been completed. Here all the information gathered. Whether wiring diagrams, maintenance and assembly instructions, dealer list, history or model overviews, everything is here clearly “under one roof”. An own Simsonforum and a Wikipediasystem to the definition have also been integrated. A Worth, not only for Simsonbegeisterte! Frank Wiesemann