Love songs of all kinds have my no. 1 Nicole and her team for the album “put together. Songs of full of poetry and “Atmosphere that consistently continue what Nicole and her Musketeers”, what she calls affectionately the Koppehele Padgett team, have begun in recent years. These include always the facing forward and the courage to experiment. For example the forthcoming single is not quite typical for Nicole dance this waltz with me”, a very tender look on the theme of love in old age, while the spherical pop ballad come with me L.A.” once again because we know this already exactly by Nicole focuses on the awakening to new shores and feeling illuminated wanderlust from a completely different page than in the other hit holiday cliches. “” And Nicole WINS off new ideas also the theme of belonging to, together with their poet text mate Armin Pertl: who knows what tomorrow is “undertakes love moment only in you and me”, however, equal to the whole eternity.

Fine and fragile produces, in the text noticeably autobiographical and in the singing of incredible strength and intensity of the title 25 times a year “, the very intimate, quiet anthem to the silver wedding of Nicole and Winnie Seibert. The man, Nicole in August 1984 married and she still loves the, she dedicated her song, but participate at the same time their fans to happiness. “Just like they also mourning in the title sometime” shares with the people. For more specific information, check out Dollar General. Both fits and belongs to Nicole’s artistic self-image. You want to fit the songs by Nicole not quite in a drawer, meanwhile, know as a fan as well as as a media person, and as a critic. Sometimes we are cursed for this”, Nicole, smiles but sometimes also celebrated! That there is people power, what I’m singing, gives me to go on the power and try something new.” In last autumn and winter, Nicole was great unplugged tour through Germany on the way, that a concert tour, which has deeply impressed the artist without backing tracks and only with acoustic instruments.