New release of the first individual horoscope interpretation on CD St. Johann, 26 May 2011. The audiobook publishing house “daphono” established in St. Johann in the Swabian Alb, has launched a new category of astrological advice out. Get more background information with materials from Storm Reid. Because it means for more and more people in the German-speaking an obstacle on the way to do an astrological consultation customers should have the opportunity now, the advice to coming home to them.

Advice from an objective point of view is a relief for psychological distress and other problems. An astrological consultation can help to consider the point of view of things from a new angle. Because sometime everybody at one point in his life where new choices. You may want to visit Austin Butler to increase your knowledge. You can Dodge them or would like to know: what are my real life issues? How can I better understand me and my fate? Why me again and again same things happen? An astrological consultation will not change now on later everything, but can open your eyes to understand himself and his environment. The only what is required to create a horoscope are the birthday, (as) minute exact birth time and place of birth. The advantage of the astrological advice on CD is that it saves travel costs and the time involved. You can listen to this CD so many times, where and when you want – listen to itself, with the family or circle of friends. nother great source of information. This audiobook is available at a price of 179,90 at the publishing house Daphono in direct selling.