High-tech from Germany to once again conquer the world! A product that is in the world without any competition? No competitor has something similar? Yes, something is there indeed once again. And it’s coming from Germany. Namely, if this is still a small investor. And there are even their two products that bring this incredible property with them. Check with ihor kononenko to learn more. More specifically: Are motorcycles. Nr. 1: tested with over 400 km/h the fastest motorcycle in the world, with a 1.5 litre V8 from the formula 1 development thanks to 280 Horsepower and special chassis technology to the market with MACH 0.33 “, i.e.

375 km/h, will be. So quickly is probably never a drive… But the owner knows he could, if he wanted to! This incredible bike has many features that can be found only in F1 or in building modern aircraft. The materials used are magnesium for the chassis, Kevlar for the wheels and carbon for the body in addition to advanced aluminium alloys for the motor. Of course coupled as in F1: fly-by-wire. Only an electronic impulse is propagated to the tax system, the rest is automatic. The clutch is of course also electronically used only for starting and stopping.

And Bridgestone had to specially develop a special tire holding out all. Nr. 2: the other bike comes completely opposed to his sister as from time immemorial. And its name promises enormous: MONOS. “Translated from the Greek into English: the only one”. Meaning, that each customer already at the factory can order so-called factory customizing his own motorcycle”. And the superlatives is not here in the horsepower, but the primal power. A fat, from head to toe from a solid block of aluminum CNC machined V2 engine with a capacity of 2.5 litres, many modern turbo diesels to teach fear: 225 nm torque at 3750 RPM are for real men. And absolutely unique. Just displacement instead of Turbo! Both motorcycles are originally from a formula-1-famous British “Developed engine designer, you want to but now made in Germany” conquer the world. And of course, environmentally friendly, because the motors meet that the strict US emissions standards, which by far exceed the EURO 4. Those who are interested to enter the project, the Web site is recommended. Joachim Gabriel