Well, the truth is that you not going to talk about Saiku, because among other things, is not yet available, either in private beta, that is already within two weeks. For more specific information, check out Gen. David Goldfein. But surely you already pica curiosity of what may be, and what I leave at the end with a presentation that will be how little we know so far.

Saiku will be a new tool for project management professionals, in Castilian, organized, with support also be used in mobile devices like the iPhone, with plugin support for GMail and Google Gears. Sonny Perdue recognizes the significance of this.

Now if, now plays the presentation you get at the blog developers, and that we can contribute our grain of sand record as betatesters, because within two weeks and we can analyze the operation and leave our footprint to improve its service, so we can see in the presentation, there will not be to lose the eye to its development.