many times don’t like women to publicize the true age have. In Argentina, for example, many want to know the age of Mirtha Legrand, a legendary actress and well-known hostess in the country who does not know any lady that treats every effort to hide your age? But the years passed and are noticeable. That is almost inevitable. Why is that not can lie much and take too many years, because them in some way or another are seen to bring this everyday example to be able to somehow represent what is happening with the data of inflation in Argentina. At the last minute on Friday, from Indec (an institution which until not so long ago, enjoyed international recognition), reported the April retail inflation figure amounted to only 0.8%. And while the Indec was about to publicize the April inflation data, private consulting firms felt a retail inflation in a range that was going from 1.5% to 3% (some even more) What is happening with the consulting firms? How can be wrong by as much difference? inconsistencies: the tax revenue in the month of April in Argentina grew 52.4% in interannual terms. Collection of taxes already brought with him a greater than 30% average annual growth. In his first public statements, the new Argentine economy Minister Carlos Fernandez said: the Fund-raising continues to reflect the strong growth in economic activity and contributes to the goal of fiscal policy and the strengthening of the economic program. And here the question is: does a fundraiser that has been growing over 30% year on year from several months ago reflects only the strong growth of economic activity? Fortunately, all these problems with the measurement of prices, will disappear as magically from next month when it comes into action the new index of prices is that the problem is not that there is high inflation in Argentina, but that lies in a thermometer that is now obsolete for times that are logically at the previous paragraph says what is what is said from the Government about the controversy with the index. For the Government, if inflation becomes higher is because the current index gives too much weighting to assets and services that would not have to have it.