Should it have been again play again a tragic accident in the Promiwelt? The husband of British soul singer Corinne Bailey Rae was found dead in an apartment in Leeds, England. The BBC reported about it exclusively. Now, a spokesman for the police said that policemen Yorkshire are been called West on Saturday because the body of saxophonist Jason Rae was found. An old man was arrested in connection with the case. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit James Cleith Phillips. He is suspected to have supplied Jason Rae with illegal drugs. He had to be released but, after payment of a deposit, free.

Reports say that Rae must have been a victim of an overdose. But the result of the autopsy was inconclusive. The police must now wait on the report of the toxicological examination, so BBC. Soul singer Corinne Bailey and Rae of the show of the Band the Haggis horns, played in the Jason Rae, scheduled for Sunday was canceled. Bailey Rae and her husband met at a Jazz Club. in 2001 she married. How many deaths must still happen so that people Finally keep hands clear of the drugs.