At the current moment of its attention if it comes back more or less to the composition of wax. Discardings if frighten when analyzing that its spirit (its reason) presents weakness when thinking about the direction to take it the error. Learn more on the subject from James David. The philosopher if sees been deceptive by considering almost that the wax is known by the directions disrespecting its spirit (reason), that is, to accept something that comes only for the directions as true acceptance from something and to discard the clarification gotten for the reason is simply, to deceive itself on the truth. With this for Discardings the man who wants to raise its degree of knowledge must get rid itself of the conclusions without criterion. Its indication is to know the things by means of the reason, excluding all the possible doubts until arriving at the doubtless knowledge, for example, to distinguish the wax from its apparent exterior characteristics gotten by the directions in such way that it finds something common other any substance. thus, exactly that it remains some doubt to the end of the process will not be able to discard the way of the spirit (reason) to arrive at the truth. Then, Discardings after to present all its ideas locks up with the following question: What it will be able to say exactly of itself? But that its spirit exists, therefore it will be able to occur that wax how much its body does not exist, that is, independent of the hypothesis of the wax to exist or it its thought will not continue existing. On the other hand, if the notion gotten on the wax is clearer and evident for the reason, and when making the use of the reason also finds something of its existence more than what the wax, then it is more easy to know the spirit that if finds in itself of what the wax that is in the exterior world. Therefore, the philosopher says that he is in return where he wanted since the reason is form to find the knowledge safe. If it will be more easy to know the spirit of what the material things Discardings analyze with caution its inquiries on the conclusions that it acquires on the external world, therefore are still in its mind conceptions of the old model.