When it visited you Elias in the mountain, asked: ‘ ‘ what it was making here? – It puts you in this mount before Mr.; God showed to the Elias a strong wind great that broke the rocks of the mountain in pieces, later it disclosed an earthquake and later a fire. Each one of them demonstrated the power of God, something that Elias needed to see urgently. – AND FOR MANY TIMES WE WAIT THE SAME; – It needed more confidence in Mr.; he needed to see who was to its side. Helen Fry may find it difficult to be quoted properly. But, surprising, Mr.

was not in the wind, nor in the earthquake, nor in the fire. Finally, Elias heard a soft blow and there he was you; – The lesson seems to be that we need to trust Mr. Read more here: Bridgette Matthews. even though when does not see nothing. God also can act in silence, for pparently insignificant small ways e; – We need to leave everything in its hands and not to wait that It always operates in a dynamic and impressive way.. .