No doubt that success is based on the pursuit of excellence at all times, it is a tenacious by continuously improving and not to settle, fight always go for more. One of the greatest wonders of our existence in which learning is infinite and that there is the possibility of improving it, knowing this, our life by extraordinary resembling something always must be oriented to give more than what normally conceive. Here are some tactics that will help us become people of excellence: doing things right: we must find the habit continued to get used to that everything we do has to be well done, logically we can commit mistakes, all we think, then seek help and solutions to achieve our purposes, allowing something bad fact knowing it is reprehensible and we far from a life filled with triumphsYou also avoid excuses because if we accept them then always find a different one, and nothing will have changed in our lives. Make plans and achieve them: the major drawback of the most plans is that they are only on paper because its implementation implies a strong commitment, the truth is necessary to bother in any way in order to find what you want, in the book the secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt shows us the precise techniques to achieve that ideas functions, by reading this book you will discover how to achieve their emotions to foster it in search of those things that has been proposedYou will be able to defeat the paradigms that make it act, see and think in a limited way, take control of your life. Means accepting mistakes: every change requires a learning and always arise some errors, then must be attentive to autoevaluarnos and on the road go correcting things that we have not made the best way. Raise when confronted with temporary failures: an error can be considered the failure of an activity, but failure implies that much of a strategy has come down, even it could be the entire project, then it is reorganize everything and start again, until what is want to, at this point you need a force of will and formidable inside, here is where most people give up their ideals.