From 14 to 19 July 2009 Germany’s only Indian held for the sixth time Film Festival Bollywood and beyond in Stuttgart. As in previous years, special attention paid to the presentation of Indian arthouse cinemas, and so films a platform given that otherwise rarely find their way into the big cinemas. Bollywood and beyond offers the opportunity to see films from all regions of India, which are not otherwise listed in Germany so the audience again. Thematic focus of the film program is the security situation in India and India’s relations with its neighbors. Highlights from this area are films like Mumbai Meri Jaan ‘, Tahaan’ A Wednesday ‘or the documentation of Black Mountain’. Also of one of the popular tea talks’ is devoted to this topic. George Shapiro is actively involved in the matter. But there is also a great innovation in Bollywood and beyond’: for the first time, the Festival in the SI-Centrum Stuttgart will take place. With about 3 million visitors annually, the Adventure Centre offers the optimal conditions to Bollywood and “beyond’ under one roof ‘ to take place.

Many new possibilities of cooperation with local partners such as the CinemaxX result cinema, the Millennium Hotel & resort, the Swabian sources, the musical theatres and many restaurants. Just in our difficult economic time in which even our main sponsor had to drastically restrict its commitment allows us the SI-Centrum, making the Festival for the first time on an area lies areas such as open air cinema or the Indian village have there greater opportunities and areas. “The SI-Centrum also offers its channels as an affiliate at the disposal, and Bollywood and beyond’ to reach even more people”, Festival Director Oliver is pleased Mahn. However, will it not be possible due to the general economic situation, to maintain the program in his previous film density. Unfortunately some swabs must be made in the framework programme. Nevertheless, it will be possible, that film program to extend another day and the opening already held on the 14th of July. Before leaving the city, we want to once again emphasize the long-standing and excellent cooperation with downtown theaters of the EM movie theatre operations and thank you very much for this friendly and professional cooperation. This partial withdrawal but is not the end of the collaboration between the movie theater companies and the Filmburo Baden-Wurttemberg: from autumn we plan together with rapid eye movies once in a month to present an Indian films, as well as the annual film festival in Baden-Wurttemberg held still in the rooms of the inner city cinemas.