We know smoking with an addiction smoking cigarettes, a dependence to tobacco that affects our body. This addiction affects our health causing alteration of blood pressure, elevation of the rhythm heart, bronchial problems, narrowing of the arteries, eye damage, the appliance genital, loss of hearing and sense of smell, etc. On occasions such as smokers we distanced also the health of the family members to the cigarette smoke they inhale when we smoke. These are some of the damage caused in our body by smoking cigarettes. Currently exist imnumerables products to stop smoking and also on many occasions we suspending what we could call the treatment to quit smoking and others finished the treatment but with the passing of time we return to smoking. This recourse to addiction has a lot to do with our mind and our body’s energy, because while it is true that we have detoxified nicotine to quit smoking for a while, is also true that our way of thinking and acting still they kept smoking and even though our body is no longer dependent on nicotine our mind continues to send messages related to tobacco addiction. EFT for its acronym in English (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or emotional freedom techniques is a program of self-help, in other words is a method in which you yourself you help free yourself of that addiction. Studies on the mind and new therapies bioenergetics conclude the problem is in the unconscious mind and this unconscious mind is regulated by three brains that accompany the fourth which is the conscious, the latter is that we use daily and it is that orders our activities, is with this method than your you help to quit smoking. Seeing him in another way. Let’s assume that you’re learning to drive a car, then you are using the (conscious) logical brain and at the same time the other three brains are pending what are you doing until they accept your decision drivers through a primary order and just at that moment when you feel safe and drive without fear is when the other three brains (emotional brain, creative-imaginative brain, animal brain) are synchronized unanimous and accepted the order of driving the car.