Infrastructure investments are suitable both inflation and deflation.” As defensive investments, they are independent and protected from fluctuations in demand of the economic development of a country. Because they focus on areas that include the basic needs of the people and as such must always be met. “As the telecommunications infrastructure: just as Coca Cola in any economic climate is drunk and needed medicines in the biggest up and down, the people of inflation as deflation in calls.” This makes attractive an investment in mobile phone masts. These assets are needed in a very fast growing market and offer a robust business model: because the data transfer volume is continuously increasing, the need for mobile phone companies remains to hire additional antenna sites on mobile phone masts. Also: Long-term agreements under 20 to 25 years last monetary fluctuations and provide a good current yield with an annual Mietsteigerung by 3%.

Whether inflation or deflation, the mobile phone mast operator revenue increase each year and have a positive effect on the already high interest rate of the investment”, the Fund Manager said. By the lack of correlation to economic development there are a variety of transactions, also in all phases allowing the exit on good terms. Infrastructure investments such as the purchase of mobile phone masts are especially suitable on closed-end funds. You are independent of capital market, i.e. they are not the currently significant fluctuations in the markets, on the other hand, they allow an investment in defensive infrastructure investments also investors with limited financial resources.

In addition, that investors usually neither have the indispensable expertise nor the necessary network for such investments. Closed-end infrastructure funds can investors profitably invest independently Inflation or deflation. You get more up-to-the-minute information about the U.S. mobile wireless infrastructure market on the blog of the BAC Fund Manager