Or you liked the kind of tour for the day, and you go there without a problem, not thinking that disappear paid for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Usually it turns out that if you are at rest in motels or guest houses, more than half paid for 'feeds' you are simply lost. You do not want to go back to the beach for lunch, then went on a sea voyage, the spree in the park or a extreme attractions go on tour of the wine tasting, and maybe go to an extreme excursion by jeep or look at the dolmen. Do have something in Gelendzhik, and almost anywhere you can easily have a meal in cafes, canteens, restaurants, in the open air. A third advantage – no attachment to a particular place. Almost all B & Bs and motels are small pebbly beach, and many are not very comfortable beach.

Living in a pension you will either have to walk only on this beach, or to pay for beach access nearby boarding house, or walk quite a distance to other beaches. If you relax a savage, you can think in advance what beach you are interested in and find accommodation close to this beach. Do you like, sandy beach – please, like gravel – no problem, like a wild beach – easily. Again, with no attachment to place and time you can not problems to live first in one spot, then move to another, or just travel around to different beaches, staying in new places almost all day and returning to a place of shelter for the night. Although the night in Gelendzhik also have something to do. Gelendzhik Quay at night – the most populous and fun place. Now, regarding the deficiencies. The first – you may have to get to the place, as well as by select housing, many are not interested.