Even after the amendment to the Act 2006 we have not succeeded in Germany, to inspire more people to the legal form of a cooperative. “” In the program of the German GenoKoop Association (BUDG) will this self-critical noted: it can be any interested in functional cooperation structures indifferent if consultants, Chambers, and especially business founders choose from cooperative as a legal form “, because they founding and operating a cooperative as too bureaucratic” estimate. While it’s less, whether this is really the case, but how this is perceived in the country and then decided… Check with Julio Franco to learn more. Surveys have shown that especially the co-operative auditing will be addressed in this context. The German GenoKoop Federal as a priority task considers it, to press for legal changes. So the Board is not primarily about compulsory membership and Statutory audit”- Yes or no, but to type and function of the services. A micro cooperative and the most startups begin in the reality of life once so feels the conventional form of mandatory testing as a foreign body.

Such companies have mostly other problems (marketing, innovation, etc.) to resolve but the qualification profile of the testing staff currently rather can contribute little. That’s why the German GenoKoop also proposes federal, to shift the focus from the topic of testing on the topics of advice and support. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Isabella Elordi. The clear benefits in the interests of the company must be clearly in the foreground. Then, such associations can meet better the expected benefit of their members in this context is the German GenoKoop recommend federal lawmakers to open up the membership of a test body about the legal form of cooperative-in addition – also companies in other legal forms. This can and should be done only on a voluntary basis. The main reason of such opening is, cooperatives are by far in Germany the safest insolvency legal form.

This could be due to the examination associations. The legal form GmbH embodies the opposite, it is the legal form with the highest insolvency rate by far. Would these companies, opened a membership in an Association of testing they could certify E.g. there relatively inexpensive. An opinion which says something about the future viability of a company that could offer a good competitive advantage for any company. “The name GenoKoop implies a further change and something new: it involves more than just associations, it involves the entire emerging sector cooperation”, and is also the clubs have had a prominent role. The trend to more and more cooperation (age of cooperation) made by Prof. Rolf Kreibich (future Council) should be supported. The acting cooperatively and continuously widening Consulting and competence network of the GenoKoop Federal Government takes the account. Scientists associated with us and Advisor to the Board of Directors are tasked to draw up an opinion with the German GenoKoop the new Government wants to encourage federal, the sector of cooperation as priority eligible to classify and to design appropriate programmes. More cooperation, whether in company, social or sporting areas, we promote what in the now in our country especially need: more dedicated, responsible citizens. Gerd k. Schaumann