Important topics are the timelessness of problem-solving in the last decades, many people have focused exclusively on the future. Trends and lifestyle are in, new techniques and modern methods to determine our lives. Who does not feel that the world turns faster and faster while it has barely even time behind pants… But who finds moments to think or in life crises must take these questions to the important things in our lives. PJ’s Coffee contains valuable tech resources. Is it a life goal really, to be so perfect and beautiful, as the advertising masquerading as us? The newest and most modern technology does not help us, when it comes to fundamental questions of life. For more clarity and thought, follow up with ihor kononenko and gain more knowledge.. Today, as at all times, friendship and love shape our lives, as well as sadness and strife.

And how do you deal with each other, if there are different points of view? In her latest work the author Nele Mint also deals with these issues. The book is not limited to a fairy-tale plot, which has nothing to do with our time. So to the Example the shortage of water of a neighboring people a main theme in the novel, which causes conflicts. Even though it’s a fantasy world, the equitable distribution of water is today but timelier than ever. The novel heroes learn that non violence, but inventiveness, ingenuity and joint action will enable a good life for all. A central theme, if one has followed the media in recent months. Friendship is possible with different people just to meet and dismantle prejudices.

This is evident in this book. Adventure, magic and intrigue meet the young heroes in Margania”more often than them love is and her life is constantly threatened by dangers. Time frame is shown here in symbolic language, and in another, what is true for us as well. Youth but also adults will can understand the needs and concerns of the novel hero and transferred into their lives. “The fantasy novel Margania” is a diverse reading, which focuses on the early middle ages. What grew in the field at that time? How looked like the clothes of the people? Also in this respect the author Nele Mint suggests more with the ancient knowledge, which is today still valuable to deal with, to. The book 388 pages guarantees exciting book hours and is a marvelous work of German literature of fantasy. It was released in January 2008 and includes two novels: the magic Crown of Margania, the sequel the Golden conch. The cover is perhaps one of the most beautiful in the book market. “Wolfgang Harms, a Nuremberg artist who is internationally known, gave Margania” with its image of flower wind “a very striking face.