In stepping up the hair on the Italian technology use ready-made from strands of hair applied to their pitch. Resin, in which fixed her hair, applied at the factory and has the form of small, flat plates. That would place the resin deposited on a strand of hair, use a special electrical device having two heating time. The heating temperature is regulated times and is safe for one's own hair. As resin becomes liquid, it is clamped together with a lock of special tweezers for flat capsules, cooling down, takes the form of small plates. With them your hair easy to comb. The capsules are transparent and completely invisible.

In stepping up the hair we use only the hair of European quality! Their structure is different from the structure of your hair and makes it possible, without causing damage to paint in any shade. hair extension applying a system of PARI, the company Euro. So. Cap. guarantees a top quality product. To form the strands of the desired length (30,40,50,60 and 70 cm) are chosen hair the same length, which allows dobitsya effect the integrity and uniformity.

At the base each strand of hair Euro. So. Cap. uses keratin, not silicone. Keratin – a material designed specifically for hair extension technology. The color tone of hair and keratin capsules special formula allows to reach excellent quality hair extensions. For hair extensions must be from 100 to 150 strands. With this technology it is possible – increase the amount of hair three times, lengthening your hair up to 70 cm, to apply zonal hair extensions (lengthening bangs, temporal and occipital areas), hair ornament with rhinestone hair Swarovski, strands of feathers. Depending on one's own hair growth period of extended wear is 3-6 months. You can then make the correction or remove strands. Caring for hair extensions is not recommended to use a shampoo for dry hair. Be sure to use masks, balms over the entire length of hair, except at the roots zone. Forbidden to go to bed with a wet head. Wash head in a vertical position. Comb the hair massage brush with wide teeth. Italian tehnohologiya hair allows hair at home, and the price of hair extensions at home is not differ from the prices in the beauty salon.