The man who puts his eyes on things above, in the eternal character certainly raises its existence on a more firm and lasting basis. While those who only live for today and with an eye to the material, will eventually be overthrown by the same insensitivity of the system. A life spiritually foreclosed, empty house has a large or small. Listening, reading and above all to live the Word is the first step to build on a firm and secure. Engage in daily communication, a relationship with God when we do it with a friend eventually bring unlimited blessings to the soul.

Yeah, sure there will be peace in our house but the floor is wood or straw. Do not be vulnerable to any whim of fate and pay attention to signs that the Lord sends us. Christ uses a thousand ways every day inviting us to live in communion with God the Holy Spirit of God, and again urges us to let us use their wisdom to live lives that span. And the truth is … Most of the time we look the other way, leaving tomorrow an issue as important as peace and eternity. Worse, if we persevere in a church and the teachings of the Bible go in one ear and out the other, nothing has been achieved and no doubt the end will be … I'd rather not say. Jesus invites us to build and has lenvantar our lives on the solid foundation of rock, about the same.