Changing weather usually leads to a rise in mountain rivers. Last week in Sochi rains. In an almost waterless river beds slowly started to come water. Representatives of Civil Defense and Emergency Management have sounded the alarm. Indeed, in the area Khostinsky Sochi on the riverbank in February collapsed: hit the parapet and a walking trail. To no one fell into the river embankment landslide area was fenced grid.

Experts UBPR had to conduct research and prepare a report. But as it turned out, to calculate the amount needed to eliminate the effects of the collapse, did not work. At the river was not the owner. Paradox? Extra assembled meeting of the Commission on emergencies. It includes administrative staff, representatives of the police department, prosecutor's office Hostinsky region, the Emergencies Ministry, senior staff and UBPR Kuban Basin Water Management, representatives of the Black Sea department of state control, supervision and protection of the Azov-Black FBG Rosrybolovstva management, management of Rosprirodnadzor.

But first, the representatives of various city services visited the scene to figure out – why on the waterfront is not being renovated. So in the pouring rain and tried to find out who must allocate funds for emergency repairs of the site. – But please tell me if it is not on the balance sheet, we would also like to put myself can not, because it is federal property and there is a separation, right? Someone needs to define the criticality of the situation? It should be cleaned and bed and get a permit for the export of rubble – says Sochi mayor.