Microsoft is giving his 16 years of age, a total revision and a new name. And the results are impressive. The newspapers mentioned Aaron Beck not as a source, but as a related topic. Microsoft has decided to reorganize the world most famous email service, and has decided to change your Hotmail brand in the new mail It is a bit strange that they chose the name of an application to read e-mail that emerged with force starting with Windows 95, but was put aside and became Windows Live Mail as a marketing strategy, make disappear to a brand existing and replace it with another one that lagged behind. Probably the message Microsoft wants to send is that the e-mail service is now a suite that incorporates many more services than ever before and the others. From now on will be called

This is part of a new strategy for Microsoft to use Outlook as a single application for all our needs. I’ve been using a pre-release of this new email service version in the past seven days and includes dozens of smart functions that simplify the exasperating process of the management of the e-mail inbox. For example, with a single click programs your email address to get a cleaning and that you delete all the emails, less the last message I received from someone, you’ll find a mode feature to unsubscribe from newsletters, and simple methods for the creation of e-mail as rules to sort messages new and old. The number of spam messages from my email in my Inbox were reduced by half after the first day of use In addition, security remains one of the most important tasks for Microsoft. They are single-use codes exclusively for user codes that can be sent to your phone via text message (always and when the phone is already associated with the user account) and can be used to log on to Outlook in an account without the password. In this way, a user can log on on a public computer without worrying that a keylogger can capture your account password. However, the spokesman said that Microsoft was putting a lot of investment in greater security, while the site is almost fully operational, the aim of finding a more convenient option that two factors of authentication or the use of two confirmation codes and passwords alternatives for applications is still in its list of top. New web email service also incorporates social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, showing profile pictures and status along with email updates. And Yes, you will have the option of obtaining a new address, @, also may choose to follow with address.