Franconian innovations in steel for the table. The BMF, cutlery and metal goods factory was founded in 1908 in Solingen, the ‘Mecca’ of the German cutlery industry. The company evolved from small beginnings out quickly and successfully to a recognised provider of classic cutlery for style-conscious consumers – particularly on the German market. After the second world war they were moved in the Frankish Burkunstadt. The BMF surprised for her 80-year anniversary with the legendary foon – baby fork and spoon, there now is a new product idea. The 1/4/3-metal clip was presented to the 100th anniversary of the birth of the company. Only at second glance the versatility of a large 50 x 45 mm stainless steel spring metal part suggests itself. ‘ One for three ‘ or ‘One for Three’ is derived from the name of the product and shows the possibilities: 1) storage rack, known in the good old days as a bench knife; (2) the cutlery holder, the serving spoon no longer goes on Diving Center; (3) menu or place card clip, the back can be equipped additionally with an engraving or the company logo. A product idea that could be created only with State of the art laser manufacturing method and high-TEC metallurgy. Link to the product prod/143clip.htm Alfred Wittenauer h flour RT 11 75172 Pforzheim FON 07231 / 168282 fax 07231 / 168250 Eckard Wittenauer