The crisis has long passed, and some are very successful businessmen still continue to complain about its impact and to justify slowing down the development of their own companies. Excuse can be arbitrarily, only to catch up gone forward will then extremely difficult, if not more so. The material we have prepared based on the experience of many companies, especially foreign ones, and sent it to those who are already moving forward. I think no one would accuse us that we are interested in working with successful companies, much nicer to calculate the future path of development, rather than get out of the credit hole. However, do not need to be a shark business in order to distinguish one from others are quite predictable.

Even in the midst of crisis and financial analyst firm Sageworks published research data to identify the most profitable business: the top six “lucky” four positions are occupied by variety of medical areas, which is to be expected – these businesses are the providers of basic services – you’ll always see your doctor and buy the necessary medicines. The next group of potentially successful business – a company specializing in the implementation of household and personal care products. They come on the heels of related activities related primarily to the heat treatment, maintenance mining companies.