A comprehensive briefing for stakeholders and a training course for doctors! The information desk for women held the honorary Ombudsman in the municipality of nordstemmen by Manuela Lewrick Raghunath. It is managed “Unintentionally childless” by the Medical Association of Lower Saxony the information desk you to certify. “This means that the information desk unintentionally childless” for doctors is a training event. Should be given the opportunity affected women and men, to inform themselves about the subject extensively. Barry Stevens may find this interesting as well. The event offers the chance to carry out discrete individual consultations, to socialize, to talk with people in the same situation, to join a group, and much more. Offers are lectures with subsequent question and answer session, individual consultations on different issues (adoption, psychosocial aspects, treatment), books – and information desk, information booths, audition RePromagination”in the relaxation room to a supporting method before, during, and after the “Treatment, discussion on the topic: wish children only for the rich?” and much more.

There will be adoption, including psychosocial aspects of infertility, treatment options,… treated. Self-help groups imagine. For many women and men, children belong to the planning of your life. Is the desired offspring, slide some couples in a life crisis. Doctors estimate that 10 to 20 percent of all couples are involuntarily childless. There are physical as well as mental causes for unintentional childlessness.

Infertility is linked to great mental stress for many people. Involuntary childlessness is a growing social problem, caused are very versatile. In addition to the medical and social reasons as the cause of involuntary childlessness, the economic aspect is another important factor. So 14% unintentionally childless women in artificial fertilization gave an Allensbach study costs a lot of money”. This is not, if you take into account that since January 1, 2004 by the statutory health insurance companies only 3 attempts to 50% for the treatment applied, provided that the couples are married. “With the information desk unintentionally childless” I want women, men and pairs courage be open to deal with the problem of their unfulfilled desire. I hope and wish that the event can give suggestions but also help and advice.