By conditionally edible mushrooms are also pitted lopastnik (gelvella pitted) and lopastnik curled (curly gelvella). Morel ordinary. Hat ovate-rounded, fused with the foot, yellow-brown or brown. Meat thick, is flexible. Spores in mass white or slightly yellowish. Stem cylindrical, hollow, longitudinally furrowed, brownish. It grows in April – May in oak forests, among the grass. In the food consumed fresh mushrooms (after Pre-boiling) or dried.

Conditionally edible morel is also tapered. Nowadays you can clean the pillows on the professional equipment for cleaning pads. Strochok ordinary. Cap indeterminate shape, sinuous, wrinkled, wavy at the edges of partially fused with the stem, 2-10 cm in diameter, reddish-brown at first, later chestnut or dark brown. The pulp is flexible, dense, with a pleasant taste and odor. Spores in mass white or yellowish.

Stem cylindrical, hollow, white or gryaznovatobelaya with a reddish tinge. It grows in April – May in the pine and mixed forests, clearings, some roads on the sandy soil. Necessary cleaning pads. Used fresh (after pre-boiling) or dried. By conditionally edible mushrooms and is strochok autumn. Poddubnik (Dubovik). Cap round-cushion-shaped, convex, 8-20 cm in diameter, dark-brown or dark-brown-brown, the first staple, then smooth, dry or slaboslizistaya. flesh thick, whitish-yellowish, turning blue on a break soon. Tubes free, yellow, green, and bluish touch. Pores rounded, small, red or orange. Spores in the mass of yellowish-olive or brown. Stem tuber, with the restoration of a solid, top yellow, yellow-orange, reddish-yellow below, with red-brown reticulate pattern. It grows in July – August in oak forests. In the food consumed after the preliminary boiling fresh, it is marinated and dried. Lactarius black. Ploskovognutaya cap, widely funnel-shaped, up to 20 cm in diameter, greenish-brown, dark brown, almost black, margin yellowish, with an ill-defined zonation, with draped down hairy (hairs) boundary. Peel in wet weather, a bit slimy. Flesh is white, the air dark. Latex white, burning pungent. The plate, going down the white, yellowish, with pressure and with age yellow-brown. Spores in mass white. Stem thick, dense, with a hat the same color or darker, with sunken spots. It grows in August – October in birch or mixed with birch forests, on sandy soil groups. Salt is used, after pre-soaking or boiling. By conditionally edible mushrooms are also milk mushroom aspen, oak and milk mushroom Lactarius yellow.