Recreation at Lake Seliger. Perhaps, wherever people live, there are guests. Seliger on many visitors. In the past, the most famous guests was Ostashkov Emperor Alexander I, who visited the city in 1820 and talked with citizens from the balcony of the house merchant and factory owner Kondrati Savin. Prior to that, the city of Novgorod visited the Governor General Earl Sievers, who initiated the Catherine II approved master plan and the status of the city. The largest hotel on the shores of Seliger reside in the city, and in Nilova desert. It consisted of two buildings. Construction of the first – a two-story – especially for wealthy visitors – was completed at the end of the XVIII century, and another – the three-story – Hospice House – carried out at the beginning of the XIX century.

In the first years after the revolution, the monastery was closed and the flow of pilgrims has dried up. The first departmental recreation and pioneer camps appeared on the shores of Seliger in the 30-ies of XX century. Not far from town Nicola Horn in the West Bank emerged Sports Center Company "Spartak" has transformed now into the hostel, "Ha Tinh forest", then – summer camp and boarding Ostashkov tanning. Finally, in 1959, went into service hostel "Falcon", which, together with the tourist center "Orlinkov" on Lake Peno and "The Seagull" at Lake Volga take a few hundred tourists at a time. These three bases in the 70-80s mostly provided implementation of the so-called "Upper Volga Around the World.