The modern landscape of suburban area must comply with current rules of aesthetics, to enrich the consciousness of ultra-modern man, to become comfortable space existence. There are three main the principle of contributing to the transformation of the landscape in a favorable environment: a visual ordering of the environment and architectural sites, patronage of unwanted effects of technological properties, creating of environmental constraints. These rules make it possible to create a landscape and architectural environment that meets the different needs of consumers of landscape design. The environmental dimension is divided into an eco – landscape and ecological – a visual direction that some of its parts is virtuality. Ecology – landscape within soorientirovano to incomplete reakreatsiya natural capacity in the territory Landscape by coherent combining artificial and natural parts garden. If you would like to know more about Aaron Beck, then click here.

Truly natural landscape is inherent not only seasonal changes but also the normalization, which gives the possibility of resuming ecological balance. It is very important that the fashions in landscape design – architectural environment priderdivayutsya on unconventional approach to natural elements, highlighting, for example, plastic landscape and paving materials of all greater place in the landscape design. Vertical gardening often is the main focus in the design of the landscape, providing the garden a colorful transformation that conforms to degeneration, the case bushes and trees at the change of seasons. In addition to highly responsibilities planting serves as preserving the natural balance of moisture and temperature. In addition, natural landscape features (lawns, alpine slides or water) are uniting aktsentikami in landscape design and create a consonant to nature surroundings.

The design of the landscape can be defined here are ways of transforming the landscape: plastic relief, for example, profiling of relief, with the support of diverse forms (wave peak) or more well-known creation of tiers of the transformed of relief with a fixed vegetation by retaining walls, space allocation, for example, vertical model, the embodiment topiarnyh compositions use the classical artistic techniques – a combination of linear and volumetric styles, planting in containers with vspletenii geometric patterns cover the tracks. For spatial zoning use modular landscaping for zoning, buffer planting, vertical gardening vertical surfaces, landscaping the area adjacent to the building; Vigorous implementation of eco-visual facilities is one of the important areas that allow metaforfizirovat view of the landscape, depending on time of day. Application decorative lighting is not necessarily dictated by considerations of basic security, but also attracts attention as a natural part, and on objects of small architectural forms, but still allows geoplastiku diversify the landscape. In addition, many facilities use the bulk of decorative lighting need for visual alignment of objects with the surrounding landscaping.