Sometimes we thought that the natural resources will doubt all the life to us, that is to say the mass media bomb to us with warnings with respect to the necessity to use these resources wisely, but not yet we have brings back to consciousness total than this it means in our lives. We are sincere, the water in Peru is wasted irrationally, the companies of the S-state incompetent as far as regularizing the prices of the tariffs, the absence of a policy adapted for the handling and aprovechanmiendo of this vital resource gives like result wastefulness and a powerful reason for its privatization. Also it is certain that our blessed country to with owning a good part of this resource at world-wide level, but according to World-wide the Metereolgica Organization calculates that, if the present ones do not change you rule of consumption, in 2025 two of each three people in the planet will live in conditions of social tension for want of water, because the present level of cost is untenable. According to a note of date press April 2010, the Spanish Bottom of Cooperation for Water and Cleaning in Latin America and the Caribbean (Spanish Bottom). The Inter-American Development Bank (I.A.D.B.), gave technical help in the preparation of the project to extend the supplying of services of potable water and basic cleaning in near 380 rural communities and small cities of the regions of Apurmac, Ayacucho, Cusco, Huancavelica and Puno poorest of the country, benefitting 206,000 people who at the moment lack these services or receive them from deficient way, it will develop next to the Peruvian government and the Spanish cooperation to it in a period of five years. The government of Peru will invest to US$18 additional million in the project. But according to another report of date 2 of Julio 2010, of the Peruvian Institute of Economy, years the sector cleaning in Peru has in the last not presented/displayed great advances. Within the main existing problems we can mention the deficit in the cover, as much in potable water (23%) like in sewage system (38%), as well as the lack of continuity of the service of potable water (17,4 hours in average).

Also, the problem of the water treatment appears in this sector in as much great part of generated waste waters does not receive no type of previous treatment to its final disposition. On the matter, the Blog Action Day is an annual event that reunites to bloggers of all the planet in the publication on the same subject the same day. Our objective is to create brings back to consciousness and to bring about a world-wide debate around an important question it affects that us to all. This year this touching the problematic one with respect to the water.