With the advent of medical practice, tranquilizers – sedatives: first, meprobamate and eleniuma (nopatona), and then seduksena (diazepam) – managed to overcome some of the previously not to treat the disease. First all, the so-called phobias state of fear, excessive excitement. Suffering from such disease is extremely afraid of the appearance of a heart attack, though their hearts healthy, an attack of asthma, which they have no fear suddenly die, and even walk down the street, travel in vehicles causing them concern. Fear of a sudden deterioration in health are so strong that it is really the heartbeat quickens, there vegetative-vascular disorders, accompanied by unpleasant sensations. Such patients often over the years not to go out for months lie in bed, with no painful changes in the internal organs. Causes of morbid fears are different, but the reception eleniuma seduksena and in all such cases relief.

What's the matter? Why did the previously incurable diseases retreated before tranquilizers? Medicine for the first time received a medication that can calm the patient, eliminate the negative emotions. Taking them, the patient is less agitated, becoming calmer, balanced, does not experience excessive fear, anxiety. Moreover: appears critical, robust assessment of their actions and health. But the good turns into evil, if drugs are beginning to take uncontrollably, without evidence, just to calm in different situations or as a sleeping pill. It is known that anxiety, worry, anger – it's normal physiological state, which is based on unconditional defense reflex. With the help of pills we have learned to restrain negative emotions, but always we must use this achievement? After all, this was intended to remove the pathological negative emotions, rather than the physiological normal.