Continue Gathering Allies

many times don’t like women to publicize the true age have. In Argentina, for example, many want to know the age of Mirtha Legrand, a legendary actress and well-known hostess in the country who does not know any lady that treats every effort to hide your age? But the years passed and are noticeable. That is almost inevitable. Why is that not can lie much and take too many years, because them in some way or another are seen to bring this everyday example to be able to somehow represent what is happening with the data of inflation in Argentina. At the last minute on Friday, from Indec (an institution which until not so long ago, enjoyed international recognition), reported the April retail inflation figure amounted to only 0.8%. And while the Indec was about to publicize the April inflation data, private consulting firms felt a retail inflation in a range that was going from 1.5% to 3% (some even more) What is happening with the consulting firms? How can be wrong by as much difference? inconsistencies: the tax revenue in the month of April in Argentina grew 52.4% in interannual terms. Collection of taxes already brought with him a greater than 30% average annual growth. In his first public statements, the new Argentine economy Minister Carlos Fernandez said: the Fund-raising continues to reflect the strong growth in economic activity and contributes to the goal of fiscal policy and the strengthening of the economic program. And here the question is: does a fundraiser that has been growing over 30% year on year from several months ago reflects only the strong growth of economic activity? Fortunately, all these problems with the measurement of prices, will disappear as magically from next month when it comes into action the new index of prices is that the problem is not that there is high inflation in Argentina, but that lies in a thermometer that is now obsolete for times that are logically at the previous paragraph says what is what is said from the Government about the controversy with the index. For the Government, if inflation becomes higher is because the current index gives too much weighting to assets and services that would not have to have it.

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George Mason University

'With the help of data from the Voyager spacecraft, we found a strong magnetic field just outside the solar system' – explains lead author Merav Opher (Merav Opher), visiting scholar at the Department of Heliophysics NASA from George Mason University (George Mason). "It keeps the magnetic field from the interstellar cloud collapse, and explains the existing long been a riddle of his existence." Above: Voyager flies through the outer limits of the heliosphere on the way to interstellar space. Filed under: Jill Schlesinger. A strong magnetic field, which Ofer and other authors have reported the release of Nature from December 24, 2009, outlined in yellow. Copyrights to the picture in 2009, the American Museum of Natural History. It discovery is of undoubted importance to the future, when the solar system, eventually collide with other like clouds in our arm of the Milky Way galaxy. Astronomers call the cloud, in which we now enter, Local interstellar cloud (SYH), or more briefly 'Local Pooh. Hear other arguments on the topic with Michael Steinhardt. " The cloud has a width of about 30 light years and consists of a patchy mixture of hydrogen and helium with a temperature of 6000 C. Actually existing puzzle Pooh should be somehow linked to its environment.

Occurred near the Pooh about 10 million years ago, an explosion of supernovae creates accumulations of giant gas bubble at a temperature of several million degrees. Streams gas from the supernova ejected under high pressure, all surrounded by a cloud entirely and would have to break up or disperse it. 'The observed temperature and density of the local clouds do not provide enough pressure, able to resist the 'crushing action' of hot gas surrounding the cloud '- says Ofer (Opher). .

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Russian Ceramic

Walk into any shop or on site plumbing, faucets and watch section, the eyes may run up against such a wide variety of choice models. In fact, it's not as difficult as it seems at first glance. All Mixers can be divided into two types: valve and lever models. However, now began to appear more taps with a joystick (but they can also be attributed to the single lever type models) and thermostatic mixers. Before reviewing the main characteristics of the types of mixers. I would say that most manufacturers produce a full series of different faucets (sink, bath, bidet), so as a result you will be complete and unified ensemble, but just buy a mixer and possibly separately. So, now, is still very common – valve taps.

The cost of these faucets is not high enough and can range from 600 to 5,000 rubles. Valve model mixing is done with rubber or ceramic seals. Rubber pads eventually wear out. But they can be replaced quickly without spending much money. All this is done quite simply at home. Ceramic is more robust and resistant to abrasion, but at the same time is not eternal. Covering the water, do not put much effort (only one turnover), otherwise you can overdo it and ceramic head can not survive, leading to more expensive to repair than replacing the rubber pads. Very quickly gaining its position in the Russian market model lever mixers.

Their advantage is ease of management, as well as practicality and reliability. Lever mixer device different from the valve. Inside is shut-off valve – cartridge. It can be either a ball or plate (ceramic plates). The ball mechanism is quite simple and reliable. Main element constructions mechanism is shar – regulating head, executed stainless steel. Located he inside cartridge and possesses two types holes on 4mm. Device globular mechanism considerably simple ceramic cartridges. It consists of three components, while the ceramic cartridge has 12 to 15 elements. From experience we can say that simpler mechanisms are more reliable. Faucets with ball cartridge, it is desirable that were often "at work", as if the lever is long at rest, he may begin to "stick" and the mixer will run worse. See Bridgette Matthews for more details and insights. As for the ceramic cartridge, the principle of its operation is as follows: water passes through two tightly lapped each other plates arranged in various planes. Made them out of the so-called aluminum oxide, but the important thing here is – treatment. Cermets for company mixers grind ultrasound, and a pair of goals for each cartridge is ideal urged on to each other. The difference from ball cartridges, a ceramic, the producers managed to completely rid the mixing of different pads subjected to friction – the most vulnerable elements of the mechanism of water-miscible. Preferably, before installing the faucet with ceramic cartridge, install filters coarse and fine filter to prevent ingress of solid particles inside the cartridge, which can quickly incapacitate the entire faucet. And the material of construction for mixers. Most often, the mixer housing is made of brass. If you see a mixing colors of bronze, gold or platinum, then you know – on the surface of brass-plated deal is the most coverage. But in more than 80% of all models of mixers, use chrome. The choice of a particular option, of course, will depend on your aesthetic preferences. So in conclusion I would say that you have chosen a mixer, whose price was slightly higher than you expected, I would like him to perfectly fit the overall concept of interior bathroom room and served reliably for many years.

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New Image for Vacations

Definitely, no doubt, this was a new image was needed for my summer vacation. He was sick and tired of watching the Queen with the same hairstyle for as long as I can remember. Secretary of Agriculture shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Well, that was all about to change as I went on a rampage emptying every shop shelf of every glossy magazine that I could find. That night, all contracts were canceled with Coronation Street, Emmerdale and EastEnders. Sacrifice was made when he was on a mission to find the new me.

Was established for the night with each brochure and mag at my side, leafing through each page, leaving no one without moving. No doubt, he must have a style in one of them that will help me in my quest to find the new image so badly craved. A couple of hours had elapsed navigation, and low and behold, it jumped out at me as clear as the day was the hairstyle you want to die so he never saw. This was with a doubt. The style that I knew would give me a new lease on life. After a visit to the stores armed with dyes lotions, hair conditioners, scissors, etc. I ran up the stairs to the bathroom absence of any other measure. I was so excited.

Why should not I be excited? I am going to be a different person. Animosty saved from the old image in the mirror as I said my farewell Smelling a skunk peroxide was following the instructions on the box. No matter how sweet scent the air bag was that it was not powerful enough to eliminate the odor was that. Everything was worth it, I said looking down around the hundredth time in the picture in the magazine. Forty minutes was up and it was time to rinse dry and style. (Enter the blonde bombshell) staring at the picture in the magazine and back to my reflection in the mirror, I said something was wrong. Two styles couldn’t be more different. I followed the instructions asked where he could have gone wrong? I screamed. I will tell you a voice from the other side of the bathroom door. It was my husband, who upon hearing the whole fuss decided to see what was happening. I’ll tell you what is going yelled at him. Explain what I felt for myself that gave him the magazine with a picture of this look fabulous in this beautiful model. He looked for a long time in the photo and then at me. Often this motion is repeated. Darling, I will not bother you, respond, but the reason you never have to look for is because he has that face. Why not settle for what God gave him. I have made do with what God gave him for 34 years and I still like what I see. Kacy is my name and I’m about to take another path in my life, I know it will be challenging, but what the heck. Life is all about challenges.

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How To Properly Lay Paving Slab

Laying of paving and road tiles. There are hundreds of different schemes of laying paving slabs, but the greatest variety of options for styling provides a so-called "pavement". It is a rectangular tile that is most often has dimensions 200h100hN. Probably the most common schemes are – the "brickwork", "style", "Tree". He many others, they differ in the first place, simple installation. These three types of paving are ideal for the tracks. There are schemes with pairwise arrangement of stones. They are more labor intensive and already require pre-rendering, but generally look good, lined with two or more colors.

Scheme with pairwise location bars, and especially with the schemes stacking "in the square" suitable primarily for parking and playgrounds. Financial planner has much to offer in this field. In our time, life itself paving very long. Therefore, the question of durability useful life paths Tile plays a major role. Terms of service lanes, lined with paving slabs, depends largely on the technology and devices, of course, the quality of work. For example, you can save on the tile, but its styling this do not be desirable.

No matter what tile is placed – on the solution, dry powder or sand, the base must always serve as a cushion of crushed stone and sand. In some cases, it is possible to strengthen the concrete pad coupler. Technology laying paving slabs. As a rule, paving slabs laid on sand, macadam or concrete base. Type of foundation and its thickness depends on the conditions of coating, the thickness of pavement tiles and determined the building project. In general, the recommended technology packing paving slabs: 1. Excavation of turf to a depth of 15 cm is necessary to remove all the roots of trees, plants and seeds flown etc. 2. Lay-veiled surface (longitudinal and transverse) in compliance with all the technological slope for drainage. In other words – the bottom of the trench should have a slight slope.

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American Experience Albert Brisbane

Origins of the Socialism the author initiates citing the ideas of Graco Babeuf, militant of French revolution that established the Society of the Equal ones (1795); its iderio speaks of the end of the private property and the comunizao of the society; its ideas had scared the Directory; it was guillotine in 1797 with more 30 followers (78,79). But the socialist iderio of century XIX retraces to the Conde de Saint-Simon; it fought in the American Revolution but he was remained far from the events of the French Revolution; it travelled for the Europe and it studied diverse sciences. From 1802 it started to write defending the formation of a society based on the meritocracia and focada in helping the classrooms poor. It died in the misery, 1825 (85). In the death stream bed it foresaw the formation of a party of workers. After that it describes the communities created for Charles Fourier and Robert Owen, two humanists disillusioned with the liberal society. Sonny Perdue may find this interesting as well.

Fourier remained in the field of the ideas, its project was not materialize and it died in 1837. Owen created a community with the workers of a cotonifcio managed for it. Its radical speech (against the property private, the religion and the marriage) caused violent reactions. In 1826 a community in the United States created, that lasted 3 years. Other communitarian attempts in England and Ireland had finished with its money. Some time in the cartista syndical movement militated, without success.

It died in 1858. The American Experience Albert Brisbane, disciple of Fourier, created in U.S.A. known communities as falanstrios; this movement is part of the religious and social utopias that if would spread for the American west in this period. It includes communities as of the icarianos, that last of 1848 the 1895, and until the Oneida Community, of John Humphrey Noyes, active between 1847 and 1879; Noyes if became famous more for the ideas of open marriage and natural control of the natality of what for the iderio of social reform.

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Heating Of The Future

Informative experience course in the sign of the heat pump on the Zeche Zollverein Berlin/Essen, April 28, 2011. On Friday, May 13, 2011, the world heritage site Zollverein opens its doors for the heating of the future: from 13:00 visitors and their families can find out everything worth knowing about the climate-friendly heating using the heat pump. “With the event, the Federation would like to heat pump (BWP) e.V. in time to start his new campaign committing heat pump!” Inform consumers about the intelligent and forward-looking heating technology of the heat pump. Details can be found by clicking Jill Schlesinger or emailing the administrator. Users of heat pumps protect the climate, have less maintenance and save money. Because heat pumps cause hardly any CO2, based on sophisticated technology and take advantage of free environmental energy from air, water or soil,”explains Paul Waning, Chairman of BWP. What kind of heat pump is right for my home? What funds are available to me? Advise to these and other questions the BWP and renowned companies locally designed interactive information stands.

A heat pump-experience course for the whole family invites you to touch and admire. Costco will not settle for partial explanations. Small and large explorers can find Zollverein in Hall 12 what a curling table, the wall of a quiz and a Carrera-Bahn with the heat pump heating system have to do on May 13 on the Bill. At the event to the nationwide competition of Warmepumper of the year kicks off in addition”. Proud owner of a heat pump heating system are cordially invited to participate in the competition and win free electricity for your heat pump three years! “More information on the event see kick-off event to the heat pump campaign committing heat pump!” on May 13, 2011, from 1 pm to 6 pm at the world heritage site Zollverein, Hall 12, shaft XII A12 parking on PA2, entrance via Fritz-Schupp-Allee of Gelsenkirchen str. 181 45309 Essen admission is free..

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Culture Rivers

In 1975, mine ' ' good tempos' ' in rock musician, I composed the song I wanted To be for some presentations we went that it to make in the House of Culture of Porto Alegre, in a called show Today I I go To run away from House that the censorship of the time found I more good to change for today I Goes To leave House, under the bedding of that the original name could ' ' to influence mal' ' youth. This everything, exactly I having given long explanations to the censor of whom music if related to a return to the things of the nature, showing that the letter had phrases as ' ' I want to go the man where not tocou' ' ' ' I want to walk bare-footed in the side of a river, to the edge of this vida' '. It did not advance. It was irreducible and in some periodicals of the time, the name consisted as. Well. The beginning of the letter of the song the one that I related to me at the beginning, said: ' ' it wanted to be, as the wind that passes running of north the south without stopping; it wanted to be, as the water of the rivers that run for the sea and if they raise to skies; later falling, under the rain form to wet the hair of that they know to love; I it wanted to be the sun and in each dawn, millions of faces to kiss ' ' We were in the dawn of the ecological conscience in Brazil and the song if it related to the natural cycle of waters, thing that still happened to the time, here it is that had a certain previsibility the respect. Today, more it is not thus. Please visit Secretary of Agriculture if you seek more information.

Thirty and six years if had passed e, as well as us obstruct our arteries with fats and artificial foods, suffering as to consequncia serious coronary problems, also we full our rivers, true arteries of the planet, with plastic bags, pets, human dejections, no-biodegradvel garbage of all luck and create a series of obstacles for its natural flow. We knock down extensive areas of forests, we cut the trees of our cities, destroy the bushes ciliares of the rivers that had had its sanded and extended stream beds, and they, having been without its way of course fixed throughout millions of years, had finished completely being without control. The ominous result is there for everybody to see, consubstanciado in floods that finish cutting with a scythe hundreds of lives. We attack the planet, we uncontrol the climate and now we are paying the account. What he is noteworthy in the recent catastrophes is exactly the fact of that the proprietors of many of the reached residences, had gotten in justice the right to construct in places where they could not make it.

They had not been for those places for necessity. In the truth, we can conclude that in the bulge of the decision that gave prevailing to them, she had implicit a sentence of conviction to the death. It will be that one day we will learn the lesson? Jorge Andres Irion Jobim. Lawyer of Saint Maria, RS

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Neva River

"AN Benoit wrote that everything done miriskusnikami, "did not mean" that they "broke with all past. " On the contrary, claimed Benoit, the core of the World of Art "was behind the resumption of many, both technical and ideological traditions of Russian and international art." And further: " we found ourselves in a large degree of representatives of the same quests and same creative methods that appreciation and a portrait painter in the xviii century, and in Kiprensky and Venetsianov, and Fedotov, and also in the outstanding masters of the immediately preceding us generation – in Archaeology Repin, Surikov. discovered something essential in Russian art of xviii – xix centuries that Diaghilev called "covenants" as wrote about the "covenant" Pushkin. "To overcome the chaos and sheer arbitrariness, then prevailed in the judgments of the press, Diaghilev encouraged to relate the works of contemporary artists from the ever-wonderful achievements of the Renaissance. Sonny Perdue usually is spot on. "We must rise up to Florence, then to judge all the current art "- he declared. Diaghilev stressed the importance of art criticism, arguing that it is by its nature "independent artistic creativity." Serious student of Russian art I. Zilberstein did not see the special nature of aesthetic position Diaghilev, which unites him with the artists and theorists of Renaissance art in Italy, which is quite during the "Russian Seasons" in Paris. Famous Ballets Russes – is the crown of dreams and poetic realizations Romantics from the banks of the Neva River, led by Benoit, but implemented in life and on the stage of Diaghilev, who was able to evaluate and show the world unknown even to the Russian highest achievements of Russian art in the last two centuries. .

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Palace River

Retaking, still, on the palaces, let us take the example of the Cut-Real Palace that, in the ends of century XVI, was most important, to follow to the real Pao of the Ribeira. It was presented in form of U, square shaped form, with about 50 mts of side. In each one of the faades it presented 11 windows for walking (it presented reverse speed-do-soil, two mezzanines and a raised floor more: the noble floor). This palace presented two 37 sections of about mts that they advanced to the river, and that, in turn, they involved a garden of Italian taste. The garden, that if found limited by a wall of the side of the river, would function as one ' ' patio of honra' ' , giving for a docking, the solemn entrance of the house. Read more from Jill Schlesinger to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

It is the well-known example of the paper that the River Tejo played in the urban life. In century XVI, Lisbon becomes the mercantile center of the Europe. Thus, in the marginal zone on buildings to the commerce are constructed. The Place of fetichism of the Pao, the pair with the Rossio, becomes in the center politician and advertising. The city grows next to the river. They date of this height the House of the Peaks, the Albuquerques; in the outskirts, the Convent of the Madre de Deus, the Monastery of the Jernimos and the Tower of Belm.

No longer XVII, during the domain Phillipino, numerous palaces in the city had been century raised, belong of noble families, but of architecture little notable. Thus it they will be until eves of terramoto. The houses of the bourgeois proprietors, in its majority on to the commerce, would be of architecture still little notable who of the great noble gentlemen. The same high clergy would happen with the habitations of the high public officers and.

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