Any tool needs some kind of maintenance to fulfill its functions properly. Computers, a technological tool are no exception. In a previous article, we saw how to make us responsible for the space on the hard disk. That’s only a part and Windows tools allow us to comply with it easily. Ideally, computers should be cleaned every two months, to prevent accumulated dust and dirt to sensitive parts (processors, keyboards, connections) that can produce irreparable damage in the future. Read additional details here: music downloads.

However, there is a type of maintenance that is much more wasteful and delicate, but absolutely necessary for the proper functioning of a computer. It is proven that a computer that has accumulated dust not only slows but leads to irreparable damage. To prolong the life of your equipment, we offer you some cleaning tips that you can carry out and which do not represent greater complication. Before you begin, it is important to follow the following precautions: disconnect computer Work in a ventilated area, free of fumes do not use solvents or abrasive liquids to clean the computer working on a smooth surface to avoid dropping the computer once the computer is unplugged and ready, can proceed to the cleaning of your computer equipment. 1. Cleaning the inside of the computer. Remove the housing of the computer and with a device that us a current of cold air (a compressor, a hair dryer or a can of compressed air) remove dust from areas that are close to devices fans (microprocessor and source, mainly) and remove the layers of dust that can accumulate. 2.

Cleaning of connectors. Use a cotton and alcohol cleaner to thoroughly clean the connections of power and peripheral cables. Remove excess alcohol with a cloth and allow to dry before reconnecting. 3 Cleaning the screen. He is not recommended to disassemble the screen. Use a soft cotton cloth to clean the surface. 4 Cleaning the keyboard. It is prudent to have a brush to clean dust and grime in the space between the keys. Once you have reviewed with the brush, use an air source. There are some special for this task vacuums but are not at all necessary. To keep the equipment clean for longer maintain the computer isolated from soil, in an airy space and observe some basic rules of operation of computer equipment (do not eat on the keyboard, wash your hands to prevent grease from fingers sticking to the surface of the keys and create layers of dust) is recommended.