Certifications in project management are becoming increasingly important. Project management or project-oriented work is led always by companies as a key success factor to growth, to maintain innovation and efficiency in the company and increase. Accordingly also the project management are gaining certifications in the personnel development more and more. The professional competence of staff and employees are usually no longer sufficient to meet the requirements of the planning and implementation of projects. A sound project management certification is often already intended as a fixed component in the careers of employees.

While many large but also medium-sized companies rely on the internationally established project management standard of the IPMA (International Project Management Association) to a common understanding of key terms to ensure project processes and procedures of project planning and control. The IPMA is represented in Germany by the GPM (Deutsche Gesellschaft for project management). IPMA / GPM include certifications, training, publications, and development of standards in project management working in the areas of project management. There is certification detailed information on the subject of project management according to IPMA GPM in the greater Dusseldorf with German RTM, which certification can boast many years of experience in the field of project management as an independent service company. Here investors can obtain a comprehensive free advice about benefits, requirements, and conditions for admission to the project management certification to GPM IPMA.