Deutsche Telekom and Volkswagen AG plant Kassel in the final Nuremberg, July 25, 2013 the jury of DPEA German project excellence award has chosen this year two project teams to the finalists in the contest for the best project in Germany. They fight for the title of the winner for excellent project management 2013. The winner will be announced Forum on the evening of the PM on the 29th of October in Nuremberg. The two project teams were chosen from numerous applicants. The finalists of the DPEA have demonstrated that they have excellent run a project, in relation to the applied project management as well as on the results of the project. A detailed application, individual evaluations by the DPEA assessors, the presentation of the project by the project manager, as well as an place visit of the assessors for the teams was preceded the attainment of Finalistenstatus.

Finally, there were also two jury meetings, in which the projects were critically assessed and discussed. Since 2008, Deutsche Telekom is working on services for electronic reading of electricity, gas and Water meters of the utilities. This so-called smart metering includes the readout of data as well as the transport of the raw data to contractors such as RWE. “In August 2010, the Telecom has the program smart metering rollout phase III” started to build of a nationwide operating program organization. This ensures the uniform and standardized implementation of installation jobs. In addition, the programme team has quality indicators described and introduced a new IT solution. Thus the system reads automated the key figures. Until the end of 2012, Telekom has realized 38 projects with nearly 30,000 meters on this smart-metering platform. On the Volkswagen Kassel site, a process of change in the interplay between the staff, the organizational and technological conditions of the work and the future innovations offering will take place for seven years.