They will today vote half of members of the two major U.S. Parties. The Democrats be borne in 22 States and in the diaspora (in 16 of them through internal elections and 7 of them via assemblies or caucus). The Republicans will do the same in 17 internal and 4 caucus. Within the Republicans McCain has much advantage. Favors you that all the moderates in his party have joined behind him (while the religious right is divided) and that the winner (which aims to be him) would be with all the delegates in larger States (California and New York).

Former pastor Huckabee still in race but only a divine miracle could catapult him. He does not want the mormon Romney cale within his evangelist electorate and would also be awarded by McCain becoming his vice. McCain is close to the age of 82 and in the 2,013 he might want to inherit his position. The Democrats have a more complicated choice because they have proportional representation and because Obama has been removing ground to the Clinton. He enrostra him to it by continuing to support having invaded Iraq and wants him to remove the latino vote (which is one of its pillars) showing how she, unlike yours, has renounced asking for illegal aliens to have professors. Hillary, on the other hand, boasts of having more experience and to establish free universal social insurance, that Obama only wants to give in a partial manner, despite the fact that she in the mandate of his wife not implemented.