Garnish the different body parts to make them look better is a task becoming more and more important in today's world, since the idea is to highlight the beauty of each person as much as possible, so the decorations and anything that serve to provide a better look at the image will be of great value, no matter their size or that it is large or small, what matters is that the decorations are perfect additions to the image of people to make it more enjoyable. According to the above, among those perfect decorations that will make a particular body part provides a beautiful image, are the rings, which with its pleasant aspect largely emphasize hands, making this part of the body visible as add beauty to toa the appearance of the person. It is true that the rings are widely used by many people in many parts of the world, but it may be that some people do not know them very well or want to know even more, so in this article we have to make a description of certain relevant aspects of the rings. -Giving developing the above idea, it will usher in the first instance to the history of the rings, so the rings and decorative items can be found from ancient times as those of ancient Egypt and even much further back in prehistoric cultures of the first age of metals, but this time the rings were very simple. In the course of history have used different materials for the execution of the rings, such as gold, silver, bronze and iron, these materials being the most used, but has also made use of other materials for rings such as ivory, amber and even glass. "After the story of the rings, there is a summary concept of what are the rings and rings when talking about this with reference to rings that are available with or without these ornaments, which are used for decorative purposes different fingers. Then he gives way to the parts that make up the rings in general, so may find the hoop, which is the part where your finger is introduced; Then follows the bezel which is the flat or somewhat flat rings and finally found one element of the rings is not very common or at least was not in all the rings and are the gems or precious stones , which are placed on the bezel, on some occasions not placed precisely gemstones, but elements that appear to the image of the jewelry. One aspect to take into ditch in the rings, is that they can make different shapes or engravings on the rings, by means of a milling process, which may make figures that appeal to anyone wishing to get rings, whether figures in relief or depth markings.. Symantha Rodriguez understood the implications.