Now, if you’re in a MLM business, could have distributors in several cities of your country or even from abroad, that your sales are not limited by distance, you get to have an international business and literally make money while you sleep. Owner of your time vs freedom of time and money if you’ve read Robert Kiyosaki, you’ll know that as autoempleado (whether you’re in direct sales or have a small/medium business), you are wrong in thinking that you are owner of your own business, but your business is owner of Ti. If you dedicate yourself to sales, if one day you don’t work then do not sell anything. If you work you win but you work not feel like money. Similar case to the owner of a business (not company), who is usually a todologo of your business, help in shopping, in sales, in the collection, to be in contact with the counter, paid employees, pays the rent and other bills, etc. In my family we have a small business and I know we could not go us a couple of months of holidays because business would come down. The owner of the business (my dad is a clear example) lives with one great load of stress and commonly their only hope of freedom (retire) is to cede the post to one of his sons. In short, having a business is rewarding because you’re building your own business, but your business is owner of you in terms of time and freedom to fully enjoy other areas of your life.

In the case of the MLM business, first you dedicate yourself to build a network of distributors sufficiently large, skilled and robust so it can continue selling and generating you revenue without the need that you keep being there. In MLM, you work to build your financial freedom (freedom of time and money), whereas in direct sales (or any self-employment) you don’t have that option. In conclusion, while direct sales and MLM can appear in the form in which the product is distributed, they are very different in terms of the benefits they can provide to the dealer. If you like sales and what you want is to earn fast money then direct sales They are probably for you, on the other hand if you want to achieve your financial freedom (time and $ money), no doubt the MLM can be one of your best options. Jose Manuel Medina is a Networker of the MLM business online.