Do I need to assure receipt by the notary in most cases, a receipt for the money does not need notarization, and has full legal power. However, if you want to further insure, we can to assure receipt by the notary, the more that it does not take much time. In the event of litigation notarized receipt to speed up the process, completely eliminating all of the claims borrower. If dishonesty of a man who failed to comply with terms of the deal will allow him to abandon his signature, handwriting examination is easy to solve this issue. It is true it should be noted that the costs initially paid by the applicant, but if he wins the dispute, they will be paid to him the loser. Do I need witnesses when compiling receipts When you register receipt for cash enough signatures recipient amount, but caution is never superfluous. Signatures of only two witnesses will exclude all claims of the opponent on the authenticity of the receipts. There is no doubt the authenticity of the receipts can be proved by examination, but refer to the two witnesses is much easier than in the future to pay for expensive legal fees. Under most conditions Omega 3 Product Market would agree.

How to write a receipt Russian Civil Code does not require a receipt for the money had some definite shape. In the receipt must specify the amount of data, information about the transaction, passport details and information about the actual living participants in the transaction. As a rule, the receipt necessarily present the phrase stating that the parties made a deal, do not have claims against each other. . You may find that Cedar can contribute to your knowledge.