Sagittarius is endowed with an abundance of positive qualities. Forum Streltsov answer all your questions about Sagittarius. Below are your positive qualities: 1. You know how to position people to own Everyone will feel comfortable in community open, noble, happy people. That such a man is traditionally considered to Sagittarius.

Your natural gift of helps to have people over. Probably a huge advantage, which no doubt will help you improve their material condition. Do not forget about their own attractiveness in the eyes are round and do not forget to be so to them: smile, sharp, having fun. You know how to excite people, and they in turn will help you in the realization of desires. 2. You can be a great leader or teacher of Sagittarius – the sign of mentoring. This guide others, but not for the sake of power, and to instructions on the "path of righteousness." Know that almost all the popes and preachers was born under the sign of Sagittarius. Yes, the Sagittarius need an audience! You will find satisfaction when you listen to, delight your speeches, and even better poaplodiruyut.

Because you well suited management positions, even if it is to manage a small team. Firstly, a significant part of duties, you can pass on to their subordinates. And secondly, you allow your own subordinates fulfill their own desires. 3. Do you sincerely believe in the success you are able to believe and to be optimistic. Because the fate helps you in pritvorenii in the life of your desires. To get rich, you strongly enough to want it and often represent themselves wealthy, drawing the image of the future in his imagination. In periods of depression and the gloomy mood, imagine, if you protects good genius, who always helps you in difficult times. After all, the way it is. Not vain symbol of Sagittarius aiming higher and higher. 4. You prefer to learn new things Sagittarius loves to not only educate and inspire, but also to learn, while expanding my horizons. You, as the air, new skills and knowledge. Apart from this, the process of learning and self-interest to Sagittarius. Try not to sit in one place: go to seminars and exhibitions, read books on training. Sagittarius elementary need new impressions and thoughts. Not bemoan funds for their own learning, raising skills and travel. The more you know and the sooner you will be able to find a method to get rich. Site Sagittarius Sagittarius club wants you to get richer and richer.