Efficient recovery of patients suffering from cataract is one of the most successfully meet the challenges of modern ophthalmology. When you remove a cataract surgeons to ophthalmologists should be replaced opaque lens artificial. The strength of artificial lens is calculated based on certain formulas that take into account the data of preoperative examination. However, ideally an exact calculation of strength of artificial lens before the operation in practice is not always possible, so many patients after surgery of cataract extraction in need of additional correction glasses. Developed by scientists from the U.S. and Germany, the latest intraocular lens on the basis of polymerizable material has the ability under certain conditions, to change its optical power within a given range after implantation. The next day after surgery the patient invite to measure the optical eye, and corrects its shape. Under the influence of radiation specially designed uv lamp curing the lens material is in the given parameters.

Changing shape the implanted lens, doctors appear to influence the patient's refraction in a positive or negative direction, almost 2 diopters. A new lens with varying parameters called Light Adjustable Lens and allows ensure patients after cataract vision without glasses. Cataract surgery using a new lens for several months has been successfully used in Europe. In particular, Dr. Rodin Alexander S. reports that extensive experience implanting the new lens has been gained in the University Eye Clinic Rechts der Isar. Director of the Clinic – Professor Chris Lohman, will introduce a new technology in the treatment of cataracts, while having no Russian analogues, at a session of the International Society for the Study of presbyopia (ISOP), which will be held September 12, 2008 in Berlin.