The new tariff by StarCom energy is called StarComRegioPlus Munich in December 2009 – StarCom energy optimized their rate just in time for Christmas. The new power brand of Energy2day GmbH has been active since September of this year on the energy market and offers existing customers by StarCom and other Stromsparprofis the ability to save money not only for calling and surfing, but also with the daily power consumption. Brut 172 understands that this is vital information. “New tariff: StarComRegioPlus StarCom energy started the sales in September 2009 with a 2 cent guarantee” opened. “Three months later, there is a new tariff, where the conditions were further improved now: StarComRegioPlus so the name of the tariff includes an optimized 2 + 1 cent-warranty”. That means: each kilowatt-hour consumed is at StarCom energy at least 2 cents cheaper than the current general tariff of local basic utility.

So saving every consumer depending on the region in relation to his local basic utilities and worry about the final prices do, since he always at least 2 cents paid less per kilowatt hour. “With the new condition + 1 cent” new customers at StarCom energy will also receive an extra cents as a bonus on the first Bill. That is to say: until the first electricity bill by StarCom energy, the energy consumed is even 3 cents cheaper than the current general tariff of local basic utility. Other benefits who joins StarCom energy, comes in addition to the tariff of StarComRegioPlus in the additional benefits: Although many consumers often believe that it is connected to a power switching costs, no exchange fees resulting from the power switching. Consumer must not terminate in, with his current power provider, because the termination StarCom energy acquires and manages everything in the way of consumers of the change is as good as anything and seamlessly merges the power supply after the termination. At StarCom energy, there are also no prepayment, all prices are always inclusive of all taxes and charges, and finally expected StarCom energy customers a simple and easy to understand electricity bill, which is customer friendly.